DSLR Solutions announces a simple inexpensive DSLR follow focus – a planet5D exclusive first look at this new HDSLR follow focus unit from dslrsolutions.net. We talked with Aric Spence yesterday and this could very well be a great product for those not wanting to buy a rails system to mount a follow focus.

It has a very finished look as it is made of stainless steel and will look good in front of clients. It will require a firm tripod or mount because you are handling the lens more directly than a rig mounted FF. When asked, Aric did confirm it takes a bit of practice to get smooth results without shaking the camera, but as you can see in the samples below, it looks quite smooth. They are manufacturing this in the USA as well!

We’ll be interested to get our hands on one to give it a try.

DSLR Solutions DSLR Follow Focus Kit
DSLR Solutions DSLR Follow Focus Kit

Redrock Micro

Another view on a Canon EOS 60D

DSLR Solutions DSLR Follow Focus on a Canon EOS 60D
DSLR Solutions DSLR Follow Focus on a Canon EOS 60D

Demo of the FF

For feedburner daily email readers: watch the video (note: feedburner and other email systems disable the javascript embed tags so the videos won’t display.


A short video showing some samples of the follow focus in use

Company overview

Welcome to DSLR Solutions. We develop tools for photographers using DSLR cameras to capture HD video. We are here to bring simple, elegant and affordable solutions to all those DSLR videographers seeking a better way to connect with their camera and the craft of filmmaking.

Too often, useful solutions are out of reach of the average DSLR videographer due to cost and the awkward adaptation required to get tools made for larger cameras working properly on small DSLR camera rigs. The result is usually a large, cage-type structure that reduces the portability and usefulness of the small DSLR form factor.
Our premier product, the “DSLR Follow Focus” (patent pending), is the first of many items we plan to offer. The DSLR Follow Focus system is simple, lightweight, requires no cage or rails and enables easy follow and rack focusing in a variety of everyday situations.

Everything we create is crafted with pride in the U.S.A. and by purchasing from us you are helping support a small business located in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Blogger’s Disclaimer: we have no relationship with dslrsolutions.net tho they are sending us a unit to try out.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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