‘closure’ – the next stillmotion short film contest – win prizes!

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continuing the planet5D and stillmotion partnership, stillmotion has announced the next theme in the short film contest – “closure”. This is something they've been doing for a while and we're going to be working together to not only promote the contest, but planet5D will host the discussion about the videos while stillmotion will host the contest itself. Rules are here and more info: stillmotion blog

Contest starts NOW and concludes july 11th, 1PM EST – so get busy!

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The ‘closure' contest

it's been a while and many of you have been asking about the next short film contest so here it is. with so many diverse entries from the past few contests we are eager to see where you take it this time. we've had everything from comedy to horror to drama and we are constantly amazed by how each filmmaker interprets the theme differently. we encourage you to take this as far as you want to go and make it as literal or abstract as you'd like, just so long as it fits the theme.

so this time we're going with ‘closure' as the theme. there's so many possibilities to what you can say with just one word — what's your take on it? we'd love to see where it goes from here.

theme // closure

grand prize // chosen by the sm team — manfrotto 561bhdv-1 monopod
there are so many tools to choose from and each has its place in filmmaking based on what we want to say with the shot, but the monopod is by far one of the most versatile tools and it's one we always have by our side. it's been held outside a moving vehicle in the forest, on the field of the superbowl and on a commercial set in the ocean, doing everything from static shots to whip pans this monopod has been an invaluable tool all around.

second prize // chosen by the shootsac crew — shootsac
we generally try to keep with a small footprint and the shootsac is perfect for that. it helps us stay mobile with our bag of primes while keeping everything close by our side. on any given shoot i can easily fit 3-4 lenses, a set of filters, card case, extra batteries and misc items in there and have it with me the whole day.

best cinematography // chosen by public vote — one $99/5yr music license from withetiquette
don't forget that in order for us to feature your entry on the blog you must use legally licensed music for your short. if your film features music that is not properly licensed, it is still eligible to win and will be mentioned on the blog, but only a link will be posted. we encourage you to support artists and use legally licensed music.

deadline // july 11th, 1PM EST

rules // you can see all the rules here

submission // please post your film on vimeo and send us an email with your full name and link to the clip at shorts [at] stillmotion.ca

discussion & forum // once again planet5D will be hosting a dedicated section on their forum for contestants and viewers to chat about their short film, share behind-the-scenes photos and discuss any challenges, triumphs and experiences in the making of their short. sm will post critiques to the top entires on the forum while all others will receive feedback via email. past critiques for top entries have been posted and we are working on finishing up feedback for the remaining ‘simple' entries.

(cover photo credit: snap from the stillmotion site)

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