Yikes! Delays on current and future Canon HDSLR lines?

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canonrumors.com reported yesterday that they're hearing there are delays due to the problems in Japan not only with the current models but potentially with future models like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and most of the other rumored cameras in the pipeline. NorthLight Images also posted their latest info which backs up what CR is saying – plus they mention a possible delay with the Nikon D4. Keep reading for more info:

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canonrumors.com post

am receiving lots of information about delays with current products, as well as future products.

Below is what I am told is the delay in regards to manufacturing times of new current cameras

1D Mark IV – 2-4 Months
5D Mark II – 1-2 Months
7D – 1-2 Month
New Camera Announcements
We have always been told the 1Ds replacement would be in 2012, now we are hearing the next 5D will also be 2012. [NL] alluded to that as well.

Current time frames for new cameras.

1Ds Mark IV – Early 2012
1D Mark V – Early 2012
5D Mark III – Late 2011 – Mid 2012
7D Mark II – Late 2012
70D – Early 2013
T4i – Early 2012
This stuff will move around, but I reiterate there is a ton of uncertainty.

NorthLight Images post

As canonrumors.com pointed out, our friends at NorthLight Images are also posting some info on possible delays – amongst other info posted earlier (which you should read!), here's the latest post:

4th May 2011

We've been keeping tabs on (mostly) Canon rumours for several years and receive all kinds of stuff – some more believable than others.

Use your common sense when reading these pages, and remember that it's here for entertainment as much as anything else. We have far more ‘serious' content on the site…

Latest Info

2011 May

  • 4th More suggestions of Canon delays at CR although I'm still minded to put my money on 2011 for the 1Ds3 replacement 😉
    • What to do with the 650D though? (T3i replacement) – The xxxD has been updated every year since the 400D, which lasted ~18 mths. What to ‘improve' that won't make the 7D/60D look a bit more dated (see timeline below).
  • Upcoming trade show news – PMA/Cliq (2011 Sep 8-10 [PMA]) has been cancelled and will now combine with CES next year (2012 Jan 10-13 [PMA]) since next year is a Photokina year (2012 Sep 18-23) and it's unlikely they wanted to repeat this years (now cancelled) September PMA show date.
    • So, were they told that a lot of stuff just wasn't getting announced, or was it just another example of the diminishing role of trade shows? There is still the PDN Photoplus show in NYC (2011 Oct. 27-29 [PPE]).
      I notice that the press release for the PMA move mentioned "…constructively and proactively address challenges and provide new opportunities" – this is the sort of wording that rarely bodes well in a corporate memo when your job is at risk… 😉

Well, that all seems to make sense – the terrible things happening in Japan would potentially delay many electronics and it would be a pretty good conclusion to guess that would impact not only current production but new products as well. Obviously not something we like reporting, but it is better to be prepared for the worst and be surprised if something good comes early.

Our thanks to canonrumors.com and northlight-images for digging into these stories!

(cover photo credit: snap of a Canon EOS 5D Mark II blurred for impact)

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