Two epic HDSLR city timelapses

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Recently, timelapses have captured the hearts of many an HDSLR movie maker and movie watcher – today, we've got several in our queue and wanted to post these two incredible timelapses done about cities. Both of these shot with our favorite camera the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews)

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Redrock Micro

First, “The City Limits”

Timelapse – The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

I shot this timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011.
One year in the making.

My goal was to show the duality between city and nature.

Locations include :

– Montreal, Quebec, Canada
– Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
– Manhattan, New York, USA
– Chicago, Illinois, USA

You can visit my website at

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Contact :

For timelapse stock footage, you can browse through some of my represented work at Getty Images :​fHV5kH

Music is by Hans Zimmer

Remember to crank the volume way up before watching this and turn HD on !


J'ai tourné ces images entre la fin de 2010 et le début de 2011.
Mon but était de montrer la dualité entre les grandes villes et la nature.

Les lieux de tournages principaux sont :

– Montréal, Québec, Canada
– Québec, Québec, Canada
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
– Manhattan, New York, USA
– Chicago, Illinois, USA

Je vous invtite à visiter mon site web au

Vous pouvez me suivre sur twitter :​d0minicb

Pour visionner et acquérir certaines de mes séquences de timelapse, visitez l'agence Getty Images :​fHV5kH

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Musique de Hans Zimmer

Et n'oubliez pas de monter le volume avant d'écouter la vidéo et d'activer le HD !


TAIPEI TIMELAPSE from David Francis on Vimeo.

Music: The Son of Flynn by Daft Punk

Shot with the Canon 5D MkII using a 16-35mm, 50mm and a 70-300mm Canon lens.

Whilst in Taipei visiting friends I was inspired by Philip Blooms' tweets to get off my rump and shoot something, he was filming a timelapse short of Seattle's Space Needle at the time,

I tried to shoot as much as possible everyday, in between gorging myself on amazing grub, but sometimes only set up shots from the apartment.

I really wanted to represent the high-tech aspect of this amazing city so timelapse was the perfect choice.

I also tortured my poor girlfriend by dragging her up Taipei 101 twice and staying up there for 4 hours each time to shoot various city shots, sorry Kira!

(cover photo credit: snap from the first video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


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