“The Battle at F-Stop Ridge” – funny battle of the camera brands

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The Battle at F-Stop Ridge is a fun little short about the craziness of the different DSLR camps… Shot by Jordan Drake from The Camera Store (a camera shop in Canada), it comes with a making of post as well.

This came in from a couple of sources – Matt Palmer and Jeff Farmer both sent it along.

Redrock Micro

The Battle at F-Stop Ridge

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The Making Of

Here's a snip from the article on how they made the video – read the whole post for the whole story

Making The Battle At F-Stop Ridge

By now, nearly 700,000 people have seen the short film Battle At F-Stop Ridge. Ever since the video launched I have been asked for details on the filming of our little ad. The idea came about six months ago. The opening shots, slow motion flash pass, and grenade toss were my initial concepts. I found that it was pretty difficult to explain to people and I sat on the idea for a few months, until the snow was gone and we had a nice brown landscape.

The star of TheCameraStoreTV Chris Niccolls was the first person to really latch onto the idea, and we started discussing the specifics of shooting the film. I have been working extensively with HDSLRs lately and really wanted to use them to get a cinematic look, particularly in the opening shots. However, I wanted to use slow motion, and more importantly, CMOS sensors cannot capture flashes firing in a way that looks at all pleasing. This led to me using a dual camera system, with a Canon 5D Mark II as my primary camera (outfitted with Zeiss ZE 35 & 100mm lenses), and the JVC HM700 as my secondary camera for slow motion and flash segments.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. Terse, clever — no longer than it has to be.

    I was particularly pleased to see a Polaroid 360 — though without its flash.

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