Smashing new 1/2 inch rail system from halfinchrails – light and strong

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Looking for a lighter rig system? The Half Inch Rails system might be the thing you need… they recently announced this new “Half Inch Rails Series 2 (HIR S2)” kit. Have a watch of the videos and read from the info below from Sam Morgan Moore. Looks very interesting! [source: This thread ]

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Half Inch Rails S2 Camera Support from Sam Morgan Moore on Vimeo. – camera support systems

Here we see the full S2 kit in action both as a RnG rig and a Cine Rig, also some gripping solutions

Everything seen in the video is in full production and ready to ship

Music: The great Kevin MacLeod

I am proud to announce that the much anticipated Half Inch Rails Series 2 (HIR S2) has finally landed and is now in stock at

HIR S2 is ..

A full camera support and rigging system

-15mm or 1/2 camera rods
-ultra-strong and rigid design
-ergonomic configurations
-small pack down size
-RnG rig, sits on the floor/table/any surface for stable shooting without a tripod
-rigs designed to easily drop onto your tripod
manfrotto 577/501 and Alpa/RRS plate compatible (and others)
-5d/7d Battery is free to release while on rig, even mounted on tripod
-numerous mount points for popular accessories
-system grows into a cage rig or a full cine rig
-cage size fits many cameras
-HIR S2 allows camera mounting in difficult locations, including confined spaces
-System easily integrates with ARRI grip heads
-will work with F3 FS100, EX1 as well as DSLR cameras
-quality british engineering

The system is conceptualised by a shooter Sam Morgan Moore with the designs finished and honed by an industrial design engineer, they are then made in black anodized T6 Aluminium with all threaded components made from either stainless steel or brass

Machined in Devon in the UK the system is tailored to suit the needs of the professional camera operator

So, what do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

(cover photo credit: snap from the pix)

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  1. Very good in small places but not useful for shoulder mount.

    Thanks mitch

  2. I agree, I really like the simplicity of this rig, but if my conversion is correct 525 pounds is $850.00 USD. Mind you, I’m not knocking anything here, but wow, that’s pretty steep for what you’re getting. Sam seems like a really cool guy and very knowledgable engineering savvy, but man I wished he would reconsider that price tag. If my converted math is off, my apologies!

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