Shane Hurlbut interviews an industry leader from Carl Zeiss

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Our friends over at Hurlbut Visuals let us know about their new interview series – this time starting with another friend of ours – Carl Zeiss (a planet5D sponsor).

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More about the interview

Hurlbut Visuals is excited to introduce the Hurlbut Visuals Blog Interview Series. We are all familiar with the gear. Hurlbut Visuals would like to help you get to know an interesting part of the story behind the companies that provide the gear.

Hurlbut Visuals recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Winfred Scherle, Vice President and General Manager at Carl Zeiss AG Camera Lens Division. Dr. Scherle shares the fascinating history of the company and discusses the future direction of Zeiss lenses.

The Interview

Hurlblog Interview Zeiss Scherle 052411 H264 720p from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

Blogger's Disclaimer: Carl Zeiss is a planet5D sponsor

(cover photo credit: snap from the hurlbut site)

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    1. Yes, we were supposed to have it opened up by the Hurlbut folks but something happened. I have contacted them. You can see it by clicking on the link below the video and viewing on Vimeo’s site.

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