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In this episode, we talk a bit about what it is like to rent cameras and lenses from an Internet based company like LensProToGo. It is easy and convenient. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive comparison of pricing and features. It is just a report on how you could easily rent some equipment online if you've never tried it before. I also didn't try any video rental companies – tho they do exist.

Our thanks to LensProToGo for shipping us this bit of equipment to test out their service.

Redrock Micro

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My input

As I mention in the podcast, I have rented gear from several of the online services here in the USA –,, and now LensProToGo. There are many other sites out there as well. You might want to compare prices and services tho they're all somewhat similar.

It is always great to set up a working relationship with your local camera shop because you can get some great advice and service locally. However, when I checked with my local shop about renting a lens, I found that their pricing was a bit high. So I looked into the online options.

Renting online is really pretty easy with most shops. I really appreciated that LensProToGo has photographers answering the phones because they all really know how to help you pick lenses and gear. Paul and Mike (the guys I've worked with) have been extremely supportive and helped me in many ways. It makes the online shopping even better when you can trust the guys answering the phone!

Renting online is a great option – especially if you want to try out some lenses/gear before buying or if you need something just for one or two jobs. You don't have to buy everything! And, you might even be able to charge the customer for the rental if you work it right.

Blogger's Disclaimer: LensProToGo did not charge me for the equipment rentals… but my opinion doesn't change – I have absolutely no complaints about the service they provide and all my experiences with them were exceptional. My previous paid rentals from lensrentals and cameralensrentals were very good – no complaints there either.

(cover photo credit: snap from the LensProToGo page)

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  1. I´d love to know if there any other places like the ones you mentioned here in Europe.

    The few times I´ve asked locally, the prices were so ridiculously high, that it wasn´t even worthy to consider it. Those prices, however, are SO tempting…


    1. Author

      Andario – would love that too – hopefully someone will chime in!

      (maybe you’ve got a new business idea to run with! :)

      1. Haha! Believe or not, I´ve thought about the “business idea” a few times: the financial investment cannot be THAT high, and hey, you get to play with the toys… ;)

        The real problem there must be dealing with dishonest customers all the time (stolen/damaged material). Maybe I have an apocalyptic view about it, but I imagine these guys calling the cops, and suing people for breaching contracts all the time. If that´s true, that would make it a pretty harsh business to deal with. Dealing with insurance companies all the time must not be the funniest thing in the world, either.

        But hey, if one of those guys decide to write “Lens rental for Dummies!”, I´m SO buying it… ;)

  2. Pretty spiffy. Thanks for this. I have a problem with renting lens… I always opt to purchase the lens vs renting it and it lands a whole in my pockets :)
    I need to reconsider my sense of direction now.

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