Manually creating a ‘matrix’ style time slice video with 24 HDSLRs

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We've seen ‘matrix' style ‘time slice' done on several occasions (here's one) but this one is a bit unique in its production – reading the vimeo comments reveals that they didn't have a sophisticated mechanism to fire all the cameras at the same time, but they created this by shooting video with all these different cameras and then selected matching individual frames from the video and putting those together to make the film. And in watching the video, you can see a mix of cameras – we spotted Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and Canon EOS 7D (reviews) bodies in there – who knows what else was used! That makes the whole project even harder but the advantage is that you don't have to have expensive extra equipment and programming. A brute force method that works.

Redrock Micro

Shoot to Thrill

SHOOT to THRILL from Claudio Giambusso on Vimeo.

This video was produced in Workshop SHOOT to THRILL.
The result was made possible using total of 24 digital cameras.

Organized by: Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani, Ivan Borov
Directed by: Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani
Music by: Valerio Sizzi
Video backstage by: Filippo Valluzzi
Director of photography: Manuel Neglia, Mattia Campo

Special Thanks to:
Maurizio Costa (in charge of photo studio IED Milano)

Teodora Filipova, Julie Luchsinger, Tiziano…, Kaisha Davierwalla, Giulia.., Marta Mangiucca, Ascanio Mellini, Francesca Mesiano, Manuel Neglia, Mattia Campo, Massimo, Francesca Ferrari

Some vimeo questions and answers

excellent ! How do you trigger all the camera at the same time ?

Claudio Giambusso:
We take a video for all cameras and extract the frame at the same time in manual mode.

The pictures were all merged manually in After Effects.

IED Barcelona:
Where did you get all those cameras?

Claudio Giambusso:
Through word of mouth and equipment of the studio

[source: tweet]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


    1. Author

      Yea, I noticed the background too – but since I think it was part of some kind of training, they weren’t that worried about the total outcome.

      An interesting process tho

      1. Maybe..

        But i was thinking after all this setup it just need a touch of green or blue in the back.

        I wish i have all this cameras..with the tripods of course.

  1. Nifty. That’s a whole lotta camera gear.
    The first thing I thought about when I saw the title was the surf video you linked this article to.

  2. Everyone has had this idea.. Not everyone has 24 cameras laying around…

  3. So many cameras and not one person that can light a shot :-)

  4. Good job friends!!!!

    And All about lighting jus take care of your business(lighting!!!!!!!) and that’s it… Jejeje

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