Huffington Post asks: “The Best Wedding Video Of All Time?”

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I'll let you guys decide, but the Huffington Post asks: “The Best Wedding Video Of All Time?” I've seen a bit of chatter this morning on twitter about it so I thought I'd put it to you. The vast majority of it was shot on the Canon EOS 60D and the Canon EOS 7D (reviews).

Redrock Micro

joya and emre | wedding music video

joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo.

Vimeo description

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Now featured on the famous junebug weddings blog:​blogs/​what_junebug_loves/​archive/​2011/​05/​06/​joya-emre-wedding-music-video-black-eyed-peas.aspx For the story behind the video!

This was filmed on the wedding day, with the exception of a couple of scenes shot at the rehearsal dinner.

Joya and Emre wanted to be in their own music video, and we decided that the Black Eyed Peas song “The Time (dirty bit)” would be a great choice.

Directed, filmed and edited by david robin
Additional cameras by:
Aldo Valadez (stedicam)
Miles Dahl-Canon 60D
Jack Winch-Canon 7D
Yuda Hagwell-Sony Ex1 on jib
Callaway Gable-Photo Credit
Christina Haggerty-Choreography

Special thanks to
Amber Events
Callaway Gable
DJ Nahchey
JP Reynolds
and Leslie at Terranea

Buy the original BEP song here:​us/​album/​the-time-dirty-bit/​id403881301?i=403881319

Additional info

from the story linked in the vimeo description, we find a bit about the making of the video:

Tell us all about your wedding music video! Initially we wanted to do a concept video that we planned to show at our reception but our ideas required a lot of resources and time, neither of which we had in the final months leading up to our wedding. So we brainstormed with our videographer David Robin and the idea of a music video shot on our wedding day came up.

The bar for participation would be low since we just needed people to lip-synch a few lyrics and/or dance to to the song. We knew our friends and family would love the idea, and it would a great gift to give back to them as a unique memory of our day. We had very specific criteria for choosing the music: 1. Big song with lots of energy, and a fun and easy chorus, 2. Singing parts for girls and guys, 3. Relevant lyrics fitting with a wedding, and not R-rated, and, 4. Timeless song that won't be dated when we watch this 10 years from now. The Time (Dirty Bit) by The Black Eyed Peas met all these conditions, in addition to being a newly released song and one we didn’t tire of listening to again and again.

We divided up the lyrics amongst our bridal party, family and friends so they were manageable, we hired a choreographer to teach us some simple moves that our bridal party could perform at our reception, and we informed all our guests beforehand about the plan to film on the day. We shot all day leading up to the wedding, immediately after the ceremony (in fact, we recreated our recessional so we could lip-synch to the song!), and all throughout the reception. We assigned all the spoken word “dirty bits” to those individuals who would be the unlikeliest of stars: JP Reynolds (our officiant), John Reynolds (our hot jazz guitarist and friend), Emre’s father Ziya, and finally my father Gordon (who filmed his part at a urinal!).

We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome thanks to David Robin and his team, and the 100% support we got from our wedding coordinator Amber Gustafson and the staff at Terranea Resort.

my opinion

ok, if you made it this far, I'll say that tho I think it is very good, it sure isn't the ‘best'. I'd pick just about any of the @stillmotion videos over this – tho they don't do a coordinated wedding song like this one.

I congratulate @davidrobin for creating a video that is going viral!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. It’s been done quite well, but it’s nothing new. People have been doing wedding music vids for a number of years now.

  2. I couldn’t get through this. The guy singing into the camera was too cheesy for me. I also think Stillmotion’s work is far superior.

  3. Please, how can anyone think this is the best wedding film ever…?

    Its kind of fun to watch in the ‘guilty pleasure’ sort of way but it is so cheesy…

    It surely must have been fun to make but surely not even remotely close to compete with the kind of wedding films being produced at the moment by the big players. i.e: stillmotion

      1. Wait, was that Tori Spelling in that second one?

        I defintely prefer these over the music video. There’s a couple of companies local to me who do the wedding music videos, and I think they just look so cheesy – although I guess that appeals to some. 🙂

        I think Bambi Cantrell’s mantra stands in cases like the music videos. “Beauty is in the eye of the cheque book holder” 🙂

        1. yes tori was a bridesmaid.

          When i shot the BEP video i was VERY concerned about the cheese factor, believe me. I tried to minimize that as much as i could. With amateur talent and no rehearsing it is extremely difficult.

          I know Bambi personally, and i follow the same mantra.

  4. Cheesy? Tongue in cheek maybe, sentimental, yes, it’s a wedding video. My question is, with it going viral and I’n the press, is the photographer going to be suednfir the thousands of views playing copyrighted material I got permission or paid for. Small wedding, no press, ok, he stole a song. But big video, everywhere and in the press, he owes somebody quiteca chunk of change.

  5. I hate auto spell check. Hopefully you guys can piece together what I’m saying.

  6. Actually the majority of it was shot with my 5DII.
    It was never meant to be high art a la stillmotion. It was meant to be a fun music video shot on their wedding day.

    Im really new to the wedding industry and desperately hope to be like stillmotion and Joe Simon some day. i’m practicing like crazy! I’ll get there…you’ll see!

  7. Were you trying to miss focus on a lot of the shots or was that just a mistake?

  8. While its not what I’d want for my wedding, if “this” was your sort of thing. I can imagine the clients being VERY HAPPY. And that’s what matters most. Lots of fun. I’m sure they got good laughs, and the friends and family are all loving it.

    Well done David Robin

  9. To all the miserable haters on this blog. When you have amassed a body of work as big as mine, and are as successful as me in my chosen field, then i will take what you say as credible. Until then, some of you just come across as jealous losers! And it’s actually funny, annoying, yet compelling at the same time. Peace out!

    1. Author

      David – actually, I probably let a few more comments in than I should have – there are many people who post just hate stuff and I usually delete those.

      The intent for our blog most of the time is that if you provide creative criticism then I’ll approve the post, but those that are just negative I usually just delete because they provide no value. I’ve missed a couple here obviously – tho I have deleted several others that tried to post (worse than what came thru actually if you can believe it – some people just can’t say anything nice).

      David – I appreciate you taking the time to come in and answer questions.

  10. Noticed some green spill on his hands for that first iPad shot. I’ve found it better to do it the olde fashioned way and put green paper over iObjects, monitors and TVs to avoid this spill. Probably not an option on a shoot like this, I understand.
    At first it seems simple enough to just throw up the Flashlight app and change to color to green but the spill will get you every time.

  11. It was somewhat hard to sit through the entire piece but I have to admit, it was nice to see something different. StillMotion is definitely the trend setters but after watching a handful of their videos I get some’what bored. But uh. yeah. To each his own.
    Thanks for sharing Mitch.

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