Help us ‘pay it forward’ via this Drobo 100 contest

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Everyone remember the “Pay it Forward” movie? Well, hopefully you do and understand the idea of passing along something good to someone else. The folks at Drobo are going to give away 100 Drobos and we've submitted our entry (see video below). Our entry is a bit different than the others that are being submitted in that we're not just submitting one charity or group to win all the Drobos. We're going to expand the contest (when we win) by dividing the 100 Drobos into a new contest where 10 of you would win – and you'd get to keep one Drobo and then give 9 of them to your favorite charity or deserving organization or school etc.

Voting is simple – go here and enter your email address.

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Drobo 100 description

This is your chance to change the world… what would you do with 100 Drobos?

What would you do with 100 Drobos?

That's right. 100 Drobos. Enough Drobo storage for your local school district or a national charitable organization. We're going to give away 100 Drobos to someone who can put them to the best use – improving schools, addressing hunger, fostering the arts – you tell us.

In fact, we'll also give away 10 Drobos to submitters and one Drobo every day of the contest to a randomly selected voter.

To win 100 Drobos for your cause plus some for yourself and your friends, just convince the Drobo community that your cause is worthy.

Our Pitch

Drobo100 from planetMitch on Vimeo.


Voting is simple – go here and enter your email address – our entry number is automatically placed in the box – just press the submit button and you'll help us win!

(cover photo credit: snap from the drobo site)

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  1. Done.

    i was one of the first early adopters and got stung by the first version of the Drobo – mine only has usb v1 – means its slow as hell to access my data and I paid over a grand for that thing.. it now sits unplugged for the last 2-3 years? gathering dust.. for example to ‘backup’ ONE gb, it took 3 days to do so.. 3 days man.. common please.. I could of used 3.5″ floppy discs to backup faster haha.. 🙁 *crys*


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