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Shocking I know! A music video with a positive message… (and a nice song to go with it). Constantly on the lookout for unique and interesting HDSLR videos, we were sent this one from Norway – Egil Pedersen directed this music video for the band “Ruggged Wilderness & Mountain Man No More” (how's that for a title?) – and it was shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews)… after watching, make sure to read the bottom of the post where Egil describes how he edited the video.

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the video

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This Norwegian music video premiered on may 15th 2011

Ruggged Wilderness & Mountain Man No More – Dropping Feathers

5 persons are afraid to show their faces in public. One women wants to make a change.

Directed by Egil Pedersen

Filmed on location in Romsås, Oslo, Norway. Everything was filmed using Canon 5d mkII.

Band's website:

Input from Egil

5 persons are afraid to show their faces in public. They are all born with faces that are asymmetric or with large deviations from what is considered beautiful. When these people leave their homes, they hide their faces behind masks, but one women wants to make a change.

The video is directed by Egil Pedersen, he lives nearby Oslo, Norway. Egil Pedersen works with commercials, corporate films, music videos, shorts, documentaries and is developing his first feature film.

The idea to this video came to after I saw an After Effects tutorial from the great Andrew Kramer at videocopilot.net. The method he used was to first stabilize a video by tracking points in the faces, then pre-compose the layer and then make a whip from the data in the pre-comp to the layer in the original comp (if you're not into AE, this has absolutely no meaning to you). The goal is to undo the stabilize effect in the original comp, it will still be present in the pre-comp. If you now add an effect to the original layer (I used liquify to destort the faces) the effect will follow the movement of what you tracked and stabilized.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Fantastic video! I like to watch these videos first and then read al the ‘how we did it’ things. I could not see that it was done using AE, very well done. Last month I watched a tv documentary about people with distorted faces, so there are really people who look like this, it would be nicer to have used ‘real’ people for this video. But I think that the message this video brings will help some of these people to not be afraid to show they’re real face.

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