Finalists in the @stillmotion ‘simple’ contest – voting ends Tuesday evening

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We told you about the @stillmotion ‘simple' contest back in April and it ended on May 9th – well the top 5 finalists have been determined and you can vote until Tuesday night for what you pick as the winner in the ‘cinematography' category.

Watch the top 5 and vote here

To see all of the entries, look at this thread

Redrock Micro

The contest

As a reminder, rules are here and more info: stillmotion blog

The discussion of the simple contest is held in the planet5D forums in this section. Come on over and post and be eligible to win:

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One of the great things about this contest is this is about education and learning – yes, you can win prizes, but the main intent is to learn and share with others. After each short contest, the folks at stillmotion post reviews of every entry – something you don't see in other contests! Want to see what that is like? Here are the reviews for the last contest – “Discovery”.

Next contest

Well, the theme of the next contest hasn't been decided yet – but keep your eye on planet5D – especially the HDSLR news page – or subscribe via email – to find out when the next one starts!

It really is a lot of fun to learn while trying to win some prizes and the stillmotion folks manage to find good prizes!

(cover photo credit: snap from the stillmotion folks)

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