Canon EOS 5D Mark III prototypes out in the wild?

by planetmitch13 Comments is reporting that they're hearing there are Canon EOS 5D Mark III prototypes out amongst the world's great photographers. This is quite likely – but doesn't necessarily mean the 5D3 is right around the corner… I wouldn't get your hopes up. It is part of their normal process!

Normally we don't publish stories that are covered in the HDSLR news page because we figure you're reading that every day anyway… right??? But this one is something we thought you'd love to read.

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In the wild?
There’s word that Canon is sending out test bodies of the next 5D to various key photographers. Obviously they’ll be under a veil of secrecy. Once this happens, we tend to start getting better information.

There’s a thought the next 5D will not push megapixels, but will in fact push image quality and noise reduction. There will be a lot more sharpness and detail at higher ISO. The 26-28 megapixel range is becoming the resolution I keep getting told.

There is apparently a couple of different prototypes in existence.


There are a few more things to read there about what they think is in the camera… but since they posted the story, we're sending them the traffic 🙂

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon blurred for fancy effect ha! )

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  1. I really this is true. I cannot wait for the MKIII; I have GOT to get my hands on one!

    Things I really hope they implement are full 1080p @ 60fps, enhanced line sampling and moire reduction, some major enhancements to reduce chromatic aberrations, manual audio levels (a sure thing). I’d also love to see some higher writing speeds, faster processing and a bigger buffer so we can shoot at a higher FPS (maybe 120, though I’m sure that’s a long shot) with less compression.

  2. If they don’t make the next gen more video ergonomic/workflow enhanced, then that train has left the station.

    1. they won’t. I wish they would improve audio but they won’t. Sony now have the FS100 super 35 mm camcorder for 7K, so Canon will reply in kind. No need to go much further with the 5D knowing the new super 35 with great audio too will take a chuck of sales from Canon, so Canon will hit back with an equivalent camcorder.

      The 5D was always a still camera by design, and it will stay that way now Sony have a cheap high quality camcorder with audio to match great video

  3. canon is planing to bring a new version of camera which is going to be between 5d mark ii and 1ds mk iii. but will be much cheaper. They expecting to sell it for $1500.

  4. Til Canon releases an offer posting of some sort, all specs & features are just speculations. No one knows. 🙂

  5. Flip out screen maybe?
    Yes agree with the low light focusing improvement.

  6. Sorry, mates. You’re talking about video- instead of photospecs. i want a better AF, better signal/noise-ratio, higher dynamics. Video? Sorry, hope, canon will build your wished videocam, but not in the dslr-fields – absolutely nonsense..

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