Blowin stuff up in super slo-mo with the Phantom from Tom Guilmette

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Ok, I admit it, this isn't HDSLR footage – but it is awesome and it was shot by a friend, Tom Guilmette who loves to play with the Phantom Flex and this time he blows stuff up in super slo-motion – man that looks like fun!

Make sure you visit Tom's blog post about the shoot – there are tons and tons of BTS photos and info!

We also talked to Tom at NAB and he's going to be on our planet5D live show in the near future so keep your eyes out for that announcement. [source: tweet from IAmNeedCreative]

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The video

First of all, please do not try anything you see in the video at home.. We took precautions while shooting the more dangerous Phantom experiments. We made sure people we at a safe distance, we had fire extinguishers and the camera was protected by Lexan blast shields.

The Phantom Experiment from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

What would you do if you had a Phantom Flex for a day? We shot a bunch of random stuff and blew some of it up!

Read the blog and see behind the scenes pictures here:​archives/​2555

Music by: Hans Zimmer (Inception Movie Soundtrack)

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Another Tom Phantom video

if you didn't see it before, Tom also had another video that went viral where he had one night in a hotel room with a phantom and decided to play instead of sleep:

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

I was working a gig in Vegas with a brand new Phantom Flex high speed digital cinema camera. I had to try it out. In fact, I never did go to bed that night. I opened up a wormhole shooting at 2,564 frames per second.

Please visit my website for Phantom Flex 1080p ProRes file downloads:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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