Update on the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition May 13-15 *Updated

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UPDATE: 2011-04-23 7am CT:

From the 48 Hour crew:

Just wanted to let you know that as of this morning all 10 FREE promo codes have been used and we have now rolled over into the $20 off discount through the link we provided you.

We consider this a HUGE success and just wanted to say thanks for helping us.

We told you about the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition coming May 13-15 a few weeks ago and we've got some great news for you – the first 10 of you who register from planet5D will get a free entry saving the $50 entry fee! You MUST click this link tho and you must be one of the first 10 – but don't register if you're not going to participate! Anyone registering thru that link after the first 10 are taken will get a $20 discount as well. Pretty cool for all you planet5D readers! And, the winner's prize has been increased – the winner will not only get $5k but will also get a getaway weekend in Sarasota and a pitch meeting with studio executives courtesy of Sanborn Studios!

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Press Release

This is an updated PR indicating the new prize as well as additional information about the contest. Of course you can also go back and read our earlier post with additional info.

SARASOTA, FL (April 19, 2011) – The YouTube stars of today are the Hollywood talent of tomorrow, and the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition (48GFC) is teaming up with Sanborn Studios, based in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, to discover the best of the best. The annual competition challenges these on-line auteurs to write, shoot and edit a short film in just two days, beginning this year on Friday, May 13.

Judged by industry experts, the winning films go on to collect cash and prizes with the top film awarded $5000, screenings at film festivals and opportunities to pitch their next big idea to a film studio.

This year, the 48GFC kick-off event and press conference will be held in conjunction with the close of the Tribeca Film Festival at the legendary Bowery Hotel in New York on Friday, April 29, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The kick-off party will celebrate the competitionʼs growth from a small local contest to an international event. It also will provide an opportunity for participants to network with industry executives from Sanborn Studios and various TV and Film organizations and meet the creative team behind the 48GFC. Dinner and drinks for 80 select guests will be provided courtesy of the organization and its sponsors. Information is
available on the 48GFCʼs web site, or by contacting Creative Director Clint Weldon.

Film and television production company Sanborn Studios has joined forces with the Guerrilla Film Competition to offer even more filmmaking firepower. Sanborn will be flying in a representative from the winning team for a getaway weekend in Sarasota and a pitch meeting with studio executives. Whatʼs more, the winning teamʼs film will be screened at the Movieville International Film Festival, put on by Sanborn Studios.

Alan Bailey, CFO Sanborn Studios and Executive Producer of the new film festival, had this to say “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the dynamic 48 hour Guerrilla Film Competition to encourage and inspire new and innovative filmmakers on a global basis. We anxiously look forward to seeing and celebrating the winning content at our upcoming June 17-19, 2011 Movieville event!”

With the explosion of video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, the Internet is the place to be discovered in the world of modern filmmaking, according to 48GFC leaders. This makes crowd-sourcing the creative power of these filmmakers more important than ever, they added.

“Weʼre working with our corporate sponsors to help them develop viral messages and build awareness in a completely new way,” said Nick Burch, co-founder of the competition. “Weʼve got teams on four continents now, with more filmmakers registering every day,” he added.

“Weʼve created a competition that encourages creativity, rewards originality and gives com- panies a way to get their messages out virally without spending a fortune,” said creative di- rector, Clint Weldon.
The approach is already working for the competitionʼs first corporate sponsor, which is poised for a major product launch in conjunction with the challenge, according to Weldon. “We re- quire each filmmaker to promote their film online in order to advance, which gives our spon- sors an enormous reach.”

“Theyʼre harnessing the creativity of filmmakers around the world in a semi-controlled, struc- tured environment. Some of these filmmakers have millions of views and thousands of sub- scribers. You canʼt put a price on that,” said Joe Grano, president of Next-Mark Communica- tions, an international marketing firm based on Floridaʼs Gulf Coast.

The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition, Weldon explained, was created with a simple goal in mind – “to remove all the usual excuses and provide a clear framework for aspiring filmmak- ers to get out there and shoot something. Given the opportunity, some incentive and struc- ture, people who otherwise would have never picked up a camera will discover their potential as directors, actors, writers, etc., and start making films.”

(cover photo credit: snap from the contest site)

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