Tempest Freerunning – incredible Canon EOS 5D Mark II viral video (with 2.5 million views)

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Chad Bonanno sent us the behind the scenes on “Tempest Freerunning Academy” – a Canon EOS 5D Mark II video that has really gone viral with 2.5 million hits. We posted this over on reddit when we first saw it, but we didn’t have any good info pointing us to the fact that it was shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews).

After you watch it the first time, it is great to read Chad's behind the scenes (BTS) info below to see that even tho it looks as if it was shot in one take (notice the smooth transitions Chad put in), but it was indeed filmed over several weeks because the building was still being put together! Well done Chad!

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Chad's BTS

Originally, this video was to serve as a demonstration and a walk-though of the gym, featuring the members of Tempest Freerunning, as well as some friends of Tempest such as SPEE-D , Frosti Zernow , William Spencer (picks up the camera then does a 12 foot jump), XIN Sarith Wuku (HUGE jump at the beginning, Kicks the camera), and Brent Steffensen (World class Trampolinist).

We shot this video over the course of 3 separate weekends. The issues here were that the gym was STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so we had to block out as much as possible to make each shot as consistent as possible. Time was simply not on our side from production to post, but we knocked it out. Even though there are visible cuts/transitions, some of the shots were 25-35 seconds long, making them extremely impressive, all coordinated and directed by Victor Lopez, one of the founders of Tempest. The heads of the Team, Gabe Nunez, Paul Darnell and Victor Lopez all came together with myself to coordinate this video and we are really pleased on how effective it has been all around, not only as a promotional tool for the gym, but also how viral it has become.

Camera wise, I did 2 tests. 1 Test was with a 7D with a Canon 10-22mm and the other was a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a 16-35mm MK2 L BOTH on a Glidecam 4000HD. While the 7D was lighter (glass and body individually), the 5D was just a much more crisp result in image quality. Since there was no need for 60 frames, I felt like shooting on the 5D and finishing at 720P was the way to go. My arms and back took a beating, not to mention I was shooting on an ankle recovering from surgery, but I am satisfied and very happy I choose the 5DMk2 over the 7D. I shot super flat and color corrected in After Effects

Lighting was tricky here, we were doing a lot of swing around and couldn't light from one direction, so we decided to use shop lights in the shot visible, since there is an urban style theme of the gym, I thought the aesthetic matched up and didn't feel out of place. Our overhead lights were a bit of a problem, since some were burning out, and other days, only half the lights would turn on, so, our process was using an iPad with the previous shots and literally turning lights on and off, moving them around, until it felt as consistent as possible.

The post work was done in after effects after Paul Darnell re-timed the edit to match since he has an eye for action, then passed it back to me to transition everything together. I only had about 4 hours total, since we finished this video on a Monday night, and had to have it done on Wednesday (I work in animation, so my days stay booked on on-site gigs typically, so all of this had to be done in the early hours. I wish I would of had more time on the post, but you don't always get what you want in any production so I can live with it.

Our thanks to Chad Bonanno for sending in this cool BTS!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. That was brilliant. Didn’t mind at all that some of the transitions were visible, just enjoyed the flow of the whole piece.

  2. I TOTALLY would have lent him my arm and vest for the Glidecam 4000!!!! I’ve shot a whole day before without it and my back was toast by the next morning. Brilliant work Chad!

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