TECHNICOLOR CineStyle now available for download! UPDATE 5 with more samples

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Richard Allen Crook from CrookedPathFilms just called and emailed me that he was talking to the Technicolor folks on the phone when they told him the CineStyle was now available. I believe planet5D is the first to bring you this announcement – thanks to Richard!

Download link on the Technicolor site.

Once you fill out the form, Technicolor has a user guide and other goodies for you to download!

UPDATED – please see examples coming out – below!

UPDATE 2 – added Johnathan Palfrey's Canon Rebel T2i/550D tutorial – below!

UPDATE 3 – added Canon5dTips and by Emmanuel Junglander and Darryl Gregory

UPDATE 4 Philip Bloom says: “the @technincolorco Canon PP is the best thing to happen to the Canons since the introduction of manual control!! #fb”

UPDATE 5 we included this Spanish language version and one from Marlon Torres

Redrock Micro

Technicolor at NAB

There were several different vimeo posts from NAB – here's the video from nextWaveDV covering the Technicolor alliance with Canon.

UPDATES with Samples

Vincent Laforet has some samples in his blog

alexandrosmaragos has a long post about the update

Karen Abad has some still samples

Richard Crook has posted a video:

Technicolor Cine Style – A Quick Test from Crooked Path Films on Vimeo. has also posted a video:

Technicolor CineStyle Picture Style Test – 5D Mark II from NeedCreative on Vimeo.

This is designed to be read along with this post at NeedCreative.Net:

UPDATE 2 Johnathan Palfrey's Canon Rebel T2i/550D tutorial

See also his blog post with details

Update 3 Canon5dTips

They've added a couple of samples

This by Emmanuel Junglander

TechniColor CineStyle from Emmanuel Junglander on Vimeo.

Today TechniColor released their “CineStyle” Picture Style for Canon EOS DSLRs, so I tried it out.

Download and instructions here:

I used two different styles to compare them to the “CineStyle”:

“Standard”, which is the default Picture Style

“Neutral”, with Sharpness: 0, Contrast: -4, Saturation: -2 and Color Tone: 0

Lens: Asahi Pentax 50mm f/1.4
ISO: 160
Shot with the latest Magic Lantern using the zebra.

I used the “Standard” as the control, and shot scenes where the shadows were slightly crushed. Using the same exposure, I just changed Picture Style to see how much of the crushed blacks were restored.

The “Neutral” setting is what I've been using for my other videos.

No CC. Edited in FCP and AE.

Cloud Generator – Tycho

by Darryl Gregory

Technicolor Profile for Canon HDDSLRs / Sample Test from Darryl Gregory on Vimeo.

Super quick Technicolor Profile test!

After downloading and installing the Technicolor Profile for Canon HDDSLRs (AKA) CineStyle I ran out to do a quick test, This test and these results are non scientific, I just needed to see how it looks and share it with you.

About the test,
I did shoot using a LCW Fader ND at nine stops i.e Max on the dial because I started the test at f/1.4 and ISO 160 and did incremental tests upward from those setting, After reviewing the footage just before edit I realized the DOF was to shallow for this test accept at f/5.6 which was the last setting for my test .

To Reiterate:
First Clip CineStyle untouched
Second Clip Standard untouched
Third Clip CineStyle Color Corrected
Fourth Clip Standard untouched again Just For Comparison!

The test Settings,
Canon 5D Mark II
LCW Fader ND at 9 Stops
1/50 of a sec
ISO 640
Custom White Balance.

The footage is in increments of approx 25 seconds per clip.
The First clip is the CineStyle picture style untouched,
Second clip is the Standard picture style untouched, third clip is the CineStyle picture style using AE curves and Hue/Saturation, The Fourth clip is the Standard Picture style again just for comparison.

My thoughts,
although seeing an extreme difference between the Standard and new Technicolor CineStyle I'm not sure if it is useful enough on day time outdoor shoots using a Fader ND more testing is needed.

Specific Color Correction Settings.
I did a Master saturation using Hue / Saturation, and I pumped in some from the green channel because the leafs lost a bunch of color using the CineStyle.

Big Thanks To Vincent Laforet for Being One of..
If Not The First to Announce this Picture Style is Now Available for Download!

Update 4

a spanish language version by

Technicolor CineStyle – Una Explicación Breve from on Vimeo.

En este video hacemos una explicación muy breve y muy sencilla acerca del recientemente lanzado perfil Technicolor CineStyle, sus aplicaciones y usos

Technicolor Cinestyle Tests from Marlon Torres on Vimeo.

Downloaded the new Technicolor Cinestyle preset for the 5D Mark II today and tested it out on the field. I compared it to the Neutral Preset and the Super Flat (0, -4, -2, 0) Preset.

I love the preset. I get details in shadow areas that not even the Super Flat setting can achieve. Safe to say, it will be the new preset I will be shooting all my projects from now on.

I've made the video downloadable in full 1080p for those of you who want to see it in full res.

(cover photo credit: snap from the Technicolor site logo)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. Great News! I think this we make the job more ease and greate! Thanks Mitch!!!

  2. This is awesome! But dosen´t work on t2i and t3i bucause can’t shoot in the multiples of 160 ASA. Time to release a firmware update CANON…!

    1. @ Ricardo,
      You can if you use Magic Lantern for the T2i. It’s also a free download. Cheers!

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  5. Show me some fleshtones. Remember you still only have 8 bits of info with which to play. The superflat settings made model’s face pasty and pastel…even after color correcting. What happened to the tought of getting it very close to where you want the look to be? Did Technicolor work some sort of magic that makes 8 bits of info now respond differently?

  6. This effect looks like the “Pre-flashing” done to 16/35mm film stock to produce a low contrast original. A film lab in New York started this craze. Nothing’s new under the Sun.

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    1. Author

      There are many I think in your boat. I’ve seen people love and then hate individual picture styles… just about all of them. As people learn and grow to their own style, I think they move off of pre-defined ones. I think it is all something you have to try and discover for yourself what is best for you.

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