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A quick post to ask for some support for our younger filmmakers. We get all sorts of requests here and recently there have been an influx of young filmmakers showing up (darn those HDSLRs making things so achievable! ha!)

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Vote BY THIS FRIDAY for one planet5D young filmmaker

This is from Christian Hubbard about the youTube “creators” contest

  • If i get into the top 50 people i move onto the next round.Then the judges pick 20 from the top 50 to go to USC film school for 8 weeks in the summer for free.
  • all you have to do is go here:
  • And then use the little search bar next to the “select a program” button and search for ChristianHubbard
  • Then just click the thumbs up button next to my video!~please help me not to miss this chance at a free education!

i shot the whole video on a Canon Rebel T2i/550D with an old canon fd mount 50mm f1.8 and a steadistock support system

i also used a cheap rain cover from bh photo because it was like 30 degrees out and i was afraid of my t2i getting wet [it was raining too]

after a while i got fedup with trying to see through the screen and just let it rain on my t2i and it held out surprisingly well. I'd definitely say it has surprisingly good weatherproofing [at least for the rain]

anyway, if i win the competition i get 8 weeks free education from USC film school and 1000$ to spend on enhancing my youtube channel, in addition to becoming a youtube partner and being featured on the main page whenever i post a new video.

if i win i'll be sure to sponsor planet5d and refer it to everyone! (Editor's note… that's bribery son – you should be referring everyone here regardless of a posting or not! HA)

i want to talk about lots of dslr stuffin my videos!

thank you so much to everyone who votes! =]

Michael Rees

Michael sent us his latest (we featured him earlier on the blog) and we thought this was pretty amazing for a 16 year old! This one will make you think.

Short film by Michael Rees. © 2011 Retrospective Films All Rights Reserved. We do not claim copyright over any of the music in this film. All songs are rightly theirs. This is a non-profit high school project not intended for profit.

My name is Michael Rees. I am a 16-year-old aspiring filmmaker/director of photography. Inundate is my latest work; I hope you enjoy it and leave any criticism you happen to have. Thank you.

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK:!/michaelrees123!/pages/Michael-Rees-Films/147151075340871


1.Turn off the lights.
2.Turn up your volume.
3.Press play.
4.Open your eyes.
5.Watch it ALL the way through in one sitting.
6. Pay REALLY close attention.
7. Be amazed. :)

(cover photo credit: snap from the michael rees video)

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