POV galore – another HDSLR helmetcam music video

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Is HDSLR point of view (POV) going to be the next craze in moviemaking or music videos? Sure seems like it LOL – we've been sent yet another POV music video that we wanted to share with you. Sent to us by Tim Fok who made this very interesting movie that reminds us very much of the “Cinnamon Chasers” video we showed you a while ago (Tim even acknowledges this in his blog post).

Exotope – Rituals – Full Release » Tim Fok

Exotope – Rituals – Full Release » Tim Fok

Redrock Micro

Exotope | Rituals

Exotope | Rituals from Tim Fok on Vimeo.

Written & Directed by Sam Williams & Tim Fok
Cinematography by Tim Fok
Produced by Sam Williams

Blog: timfok.com/​2011/​03/​23/​exotope-rituals-full-release/​


BTS info

Tim sent us a link to his blog where he documented much of their adventures making this music video. This is just a small snip – please read the whole thing!

I’ve been shooting video professionally for close to a year now, and in that short time I’ve noticed how easy it can be to forget your roots. With Rituals being one of the only commercial videos I have made to have complete creative freedom over, it was only natural to incorporate aspects that are true to me and the co-writer/producer Sam Williams.

I’ve been making videos for close to 10 years, and 7 of those years have been out with mates, skating, rolling, chillin’. It’s what ignited my passion in filmmaking, and what I plan to carry with me throughout all my work.
Sam Williams is a good friend of mine, and our decision to collaborate on a music video was nothing more than a chat over a few drinks. Looking at it from this perspective, it was a video made on no budget, with very limited resources.

With both myself and Sam living over a 100 miles away from each other, it was also a task coming up with a shooting schedule. The decision was made early on to use a concept that could benefit from our position. Using a POV technique, it meant we could potentially shoot at the same time, in different locations and wouldn’t be tied down by a presence of a singular protagonist.

There are lots of POV videos out there, and we have to give credit to work of Saman Keshavarz and Justin Gurnari on the Cinnamon Chasers Luv Deluxe video, as well as all of Mike Manzoori’s cinematography. With POV being an established technique, it also meant that there were many online theories of making the best rig for POV shooting.

We considered a full frontal helmet with attached camera, and used this technique for much of our earlier scenes. We ran my monitor via HDMI to direct as we shot, but this quickly highlighted a few problems. With the term guerilla filmmaking being quite fitting to our style and choices of location, a big helmet with a camera strapped round it brought a lot of un-wanted attention when ‘on-set’. Instead we found that simply holding the camera around someone was viable method, and meant we could shoot whilst remaining inconspicuous.

please read the whole thing!

Exotope – Rituals – helmet cam

Exotope – Rituals – helmet cam

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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