podcast #29 Steve Weiss from Zacuto now online

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The podcast #29 with Steve Weiss from Zacuto was a lot of fun – including having a mental lapse about Steve's title, Director and Product Designer at Zacuto. We talked about a wide variety of things and Steve showed us the new Electronic Viewfinder, the new Scorpion rig, and we talked a lot about their company and HDSLR cinema. Please take a long lunch and enjoy this broadcast! We will have more to come soon!

We've got quite a line up coming – look forward to a new interview each Monday starting the Monday after NAB where we'll be chatting with Jem Schofield and we'll be doing an NAB wrapup… more on that later.

Redrock Micro

Steve Weiss podcast

The crowd was huge and we had a blast asking tons of questions of Steve – and there were a whole bunch that we never got to ask! Our thanks to the entire gang at Zacuto (I think 1/2 of them were online supporting as well).

Our thanks also to Gert for helping dig out questions from the chat room!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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