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By now, everyone probably has figured out we're going to NAB next week – but as I've mentioned before, our primary goal is to gather news and to network, but we won't be busting out the video reports until after we get home – trying to accomplish that from the show floor and at the same time meeting all the HDSLR attendees and still trying to find the news and report it is just too crazy for this guy. So, taking an idea from those crazy Apple fans (and from talking to our other blogging friends), we've decided to try our hand at live blogging the event.

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The “how”

We've installed a new WordPress plugin that accomplishes that with ease… all we've got to do is fill it with content during the days of the show.

Each day, we'll post a new ‘NAB Live Blog Day n' post (where ‘n' is the day number) – and all you'll need to do to see the latest updates is visit that day's page. You leave the page open and as I post updates from the floor, they'll automatically appear – no refresh needed! If you're familiar with the Apple live bloggers, don't be expecting updates every minute or two… most likely, we'll only be accomplishing that every hour or so – I've never done this before so we'll have to see how it goes.

Other forms of communication

As we just posted, we'll also be posting on twitter with the #NABhdslr hash tag. So keep an eye out on twitter for posts with that hashtag!

And we hope you enjoy our NAB coverage – and don't forget about our planetNAB booth tour!

(cover photo credit: snap from the nab site)

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