planet5D Conversation with Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford

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Here's our conversation from our planet5D Live show last night with Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford – we discussed many things from being purely a stills shooter to shooting both stills and video – and becoming a Canon Explorer of Light as well as making a couple of documentaries. Please watch! you'll enjoy this one. The supporting material is after the video below.

A conversation with Tyler Stableford

Sorry… I lost the source of the video 🙁

Other Tyler stuff!

I recently taught a Canon stills and video workshop for the Marines, and here's a link to a kayaking video they made during the workshop — what's really impressive is that these guys made this piece during their first-ever day of DSLR video shooting!

The kayaking shoot served as good practice for them to film fast-moving subjects, and was a fun field trip for them as well.

Nanahala Whitewater Kayaking from Ethan Slattery on Vimeo.


My 14-minute DSLR film The Fall Line has won numerous film festival awards and was shot almost entirely with Canon DSLR cameras. It is currently touring with the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, and will be screening at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

Canon has produce a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the film on their Digital Learning Center here

purchase an online download of the film at my website

The Fall Line trailer from Tyler Stableford on Vimeo.


This was an exciting assignment I shot for Denver's 5280 magazine on Colorado Air National Guard fighter pilots, and I produced a multimedia piece of DSLR video and stills from the project. The photographs have won numerous awards including the grand prize in Digital Photo Pro magazine's 2011 Photo of the Year contest; runner-up in American Photo magazine's 2011 Images of the Year competition; and a finalist in American Photography & Illustration's 2010 competition, among others.

You can view a promo reel for the assignment on my website


This was my first multimedia project with the 5D, shot the very first month the camera was sold, in December 2008. I shot a volunteer documentary for the child-welfare agency Wide Horizons For Children, featuring their humanitarian aid program in Ethiopia. Crispin Porter + Bogusky ad agency produced the video in a monumental pro-bono effort, and the 7-minute film has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the nonprofit.

This was also my opportunity to begin learning to shoot video, as I had never done so before this project.

You can view the video here

Our thanks to Tyler for putting up with our recording issues at the beginning – and to you for putting up with the slightly fuzzy audio in this recording.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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