planet5D announces the planetNAB Booth Tour 2011

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Last year, we had many people tweeting and texting us at NAB asking where in the heck we were on the show floor – so this year we came up with an idea – why not post a schedule of where planet5D will be throughout the day and let people come by and find us – and at the same time, they can meet other HDSLR users – sort of like a mini-meetup that travels around the show floor!

So we've created the “planetNAB Booth Tour for HDSLR fans”

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The implementation

For those of you with access to calendars like Google and iCal, you can subscribe to the
planet5D International Event Calendar (clicking that link will get you to the planet5D calendar page).

For those of you wanting to add the calendar to your existing iPhone or other device follow these instructions:

  • For iCal (mac) users (or folks familiar with webdav calendars):
  • For google calendar users:
    • copy this URL and go to your google calendar and find ‘add' this calendar to your google calendar (in the ‘other calendar' section on the left) and follow their instructions

To just simply view the iCal version of the calendar on the web, you can click: view online

Find other HDSLR crazies during NAB

So, while you're wandering around the NAB floor looking for other crazy (or sane) HDSLR people and you want to hook up with someone of similar craziness, look at your calendar to find out where planet5D is (we'll be in the black planet5D t-shirts) and then pop over to those booths!

We're still coordinating with vendors so the list isn't complete, but if you have subscribed to the calendar, you'll get all the updates.

Here's a rough outline so far:




  • 7pm – Tweetup Location: Meeting in front of the Eiffel Tower (outside)

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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