fall lake - after editing - copyright planetMitch

One year out from layoff, how are things going at planet5D HQ?

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One year ago today, I was walking away from my 32 year long career as a software developer – not by choice mind you – my company had decided to ship many programming jobs overseas and they didn't “need” me any more. It was a traumatic day to say the least. But the good news was, as I described in my post “planet5D rocks full time (the end of my day job)” that I was free to run planet5D full time.

The one theme that I keep posting on twitter and to anyone who listens is that I'm truly blessed to be doing something I absolutely love! You guys rock – pushing me onward every day with your emails and kind words! Sure there are ups and downs, but the extreme enthusiasm that you guys and gals show me every day just drives me on to do even more great things. THANK YOU!

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One year out

It has been a glorious year actually – things at planet5D have been growing beautifully and you guys are the best in the world! You are what is keeping planet5D growing.

In the last year, traffic has more than doubled in the forums – and we're going to continue bringing you some great giveaways! Right now, every post in the planet5D forums in the month of April is an entry to win a Letus Hawk viewfinder! Read more about that here. Our goal is to make the planet5D not only the best HDSLR forums on the planet, but to make them the nicest. Other sites I visit have trolls and naysayers who love to stir up trouble and bash others… well, there's none of that here! Give the planet5D forums a look – you'll stick around because you'll love the atmosphere.

The planet5D review site hasn't fared so well tho – not everything can be a great success I guess eh?

On the live front, we've been really having fun with our planet5D LIVE! conversations – and I know many of you have been as well. And we're definitely keeping these going. Just this morning we announced the Tyler Stableford event next Monday – hope you can tune in for that. We've got many more coming!

We're also thrilled with the way the @stillmotion short film contests are going as well. We're only on our second since partnering with them, but there's lots to win and learn when you're working on a film and you should get involved. And, there aren't any other contests I'm aware of where you'll get an individual review of your submission! Great great learning tool provided by the folks at stillmotion!

There's a lot going on every day (and don't forget to bookmark the HDSLR news page and ALL of the HDSLR news from around the blogsphere!) and we intend to keep growing.

The future

Of course, we're looking forward! We've got plenty of things in work for the coming year. Just can't tell you about them yet – not until things are firmed up!

Hopefully, we'll be very excited about a new line of Canon and Nikon and other brands of HDSLRs – we know there's a lot of stuff in work, but just when we'll get to talk about them time will tell.

Things I like

Often, I spend a ton of time working of finding stories – but maybe you don't know much about me so I thought I'd share a little personal stuff.

As I mentioned somewhere before, I am mainly a photographer and am learning filmmaking like many others of you. I don't get to shoot much video – tho I'm trying to change that.

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of my photos with you. This first one is one of my examples of photoshopping the heck out of a good photo. It was shot on one of our fall drives (actually it is very close to the house on the cover image!). I liked the photo but didn't like the land jutting out and I sure didn't like the sky.

fall lake - master image - copyright planetMitch

fall lake - master image - planetMitch

So, I went to work on it – replacing the sky with a prettier blue sky with some wispy clouds and pumped up the colors some. And of course, I removed the dark land in the foreground. It was a fun exercise in using photoshop!

fall lake - after editing - copyright planetMitch

fall lake - after editing - planetMitch

Here's just another photo I liked from the year – this was shot outside Madame Tussaud's House of Wax in Hollywood when I was out for the PhotoCine Expo last fall.

Marilyn - 2010 - hollywood - planetMitch

Marilyn - 2010 - hollywood - planetMitch

(cover photo credit: planetMitch – this is a house I stumbled upon on our annual fall drive to see the colors of the trees… it has a sign in the front door that says “Posted” so I think someone still lives here… every year I try to go by there and take another photo if the family will indulge me… it is just a fascinating little house with lots of things to examine – oh heck, here's a bit bigger version:)

no trespassing in this house - fall 2010 planetMitch

no trespassing in this house - fall 2010 planetMitch

So there you go – a little bit more background on me – and I can't wait to share the next year with each and every one of you!

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m new to planet5d, so I didn’t know you were a software developer before running this site. What you have done here is a real inspiration for me. I’m a software developer jumping from one contract to the next. So, knowing that planet5d was started by a guy in a spot similar to mine is really cool to know.

    Thanks, again!

  2. Mitch you rock and you know it!!! We can’t stop telling you that can we? Instead of that we should find a way you can make “more” money with this amazing site.

    If you ever come to Mexico let me know you’ll have a great time.


    Alex 7D

  3. Thanks for sharing all this info about your self with us mr.Mitch :)

    You are doing a great job in this site..the interviews and the news about the dslr cameras.. it was all helpful for every one,,i’m sure..

    thanks again.

  4. Great story, keep going strong, IT is hard To understand but mOney is not all in a mans Life.

    I am a grqphic Designer, creative director for a few big matazones in Orlando brote 2008, i was not granted a Extencion To my work vida and left The usa To Mexico, got a Job but after a year they when back To usa and i estay behind, after a really hard time and not been able To get a Job here in Yucatan or in my country (dominicano república) god starter oprimir spots and now we are doping mostly video work, learning every day and hard times yes but moción forward,

    May god bless you and your familly and hope that your experience makes you and your familly more strong and be a bless for all that visit this site

    God bless you and this site

  5. It’s great to hear about your update.
    You’ve provided so much information to me that I have been able to run with and share with others. I refer to your site all the time and encourage people to take a minute to check it out.
    Thanks for your continue effort and dedication to this site.

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