Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D Makes final shortlist for national UK film competition

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We saw this great short the other day called “Liberation ’44” and found out it was shot on Canon EOS 60D – and then come to find out it made it to the final shortlist for national UK film competition – have a watch and if you like it – please vote for it! Our thanks to Paul Cook for sending in all this info!

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D

Redrock Micro

Liberation ’44


Basically Liberation ’44 was a coming together of lots of existing elements and a lot of new ones too. I had worked with and shot a student short with the ‘Liberation 44 Re-enactment Group’ before but had used my university’s Sony A1E video cameras. Needless to say the authenticity of the costumes, props and vehicles was overshadowed a bit by the grainy image (in low light) and deep depth of field that the Sony gives.
As soon as I invested in my Canon 60D I was eager to get working on something and when the short film competition came along an idea sparked to make a new war-themed short. The decision to flip that on its head for the final reveal was based on my belief that a good short film has an unforeseeable twist.

A friend and housemate I met whilst living at university decided to get a Canon EOS 60D too and had made some great short films and documentaries as a student, so naturally I wanted his help in shooting it all.

Liberation ‘44 was made on a zero budget so we had to do as much on a DIY-basis as possible. I built tracks based on an internet tutorial (below) made from a bunch of stuff that was laying around the garage. The only pieces I bought were the plumbing pipe and the roller skate wheels (from a jumble sale for £1) so I was really pleased with the result.

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Read the blog post about making this dolly

The other Do-It-Yourself style thing we did was to mock up a steadicam kind of system from the central column of our tripods – We have really old, basic tripods where the centre is removable from the legs. It was a useful tool for the run-and-gun sort of feel that we wanted for the docu-style ending.

We’re over the moon to have been shortlisted and the feedback we’ve had has been really positive. More than anything we have been overwhelmed by the reaction to the visuals of the film. TheCanon 50mm f/1.4 (reviews) gave us the beautiful depth-of-field and sharpness in the images whilst the <a href="Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8“>Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 gave us plenty of options in getting wider shots.

The colour grade has also receive some nice feedback and it was probably the longest part of the edit overall. There were several tweaks made to the grade to give the look which is now synonymous with war cinema and we thought it was important to juxtapose the colour grade between the fictional world and real world as much as possible to make the reveal as impactful as it could be.

We’re so pleased to have been shortlisted for the short film competition and are really hoping the DSLR community will back us. Above all we feel that the film is a testament to how DSLRs have boosted the professional possibilities of low-to-no budget filmmaking.

Voting is here:

Canon EOS 60D – x2
Canon 50mm f/1.4 (reviews)
Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
Rode Videomic Pro

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D - DIY Dolly

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D

Liberation ’44 – Shot on Canon 60D

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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    Thanks Christine, we’re lagging behind a little in the voting but we appreciate everyone’s comments, votes and support :) Glad people are watching and enjoying above all!

  2. Anu

    fantastic..I had one question.. What sound equipments and software you used such a good quality sound capture and dubbing? I have added my vote

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