Handyfilmtools to become edelkrone-shows wide range of new video rigs at NAB

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Handyfilmtools is changing their name to edelkrone and in this video, they show a wide range of new products and video rigs they'll be showing off at NAB. There has been some discussion on the planet5D forums about the Handy Base.X rigs if you happened to see that.

It appears this new gear will be available starting in May 2011.

planet5D reader Furinox sent us this news – thanks!

Redrock Micro

new gear demos!

edelkrone products for NAB2011 from Kadir Köymen on Vimeo.

come and see our new line of products at NAB2011 show at Las Vegas

This looks pretty impressive – we'll certainly be looking them up at NAB next week! What do you think?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Zeiss Cinema Lenses


  1. Do they have pricing for these products yet, or are they waiting until NAB?

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  3. I’m a customer of Handy Film Tools. Why don’t they inform their customers about their change of name?
    And are the products of Handy Film Tools compatible with the new products?

  4. I use their shoulder rig and can tell you these are very well-built and clever designs that perform and are comfortable. Highly recommend!

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  6. That pocket rig (and pocket FF) looks very, very clever. I could use that on a shoot in Africa in May. Wish it was available now!

  7. I am (was) a customer of HFT, I bought base.X bundle 09, with a viewfinder plate. This was defective, so I asked to replace it. After tens of emails, I finally got confirmation that some lots of that plate were actually defective, and they were ready to ship a new one free of charge. As I wanted to buy some more stuff, I was evaluating their offers, then decided to drop the new buying and asked to get the new viewfinder plate. No more answer, then the surprise of a re-direct toEdelkrone. Looks like it’s no fair business over there. Nobody informed me, and now swooshhhh! disappeared and reincarnate with new brand, new product (not compatible with HFT). This is real customer f***ship!

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