enter the 2011 ikan short film competition and win $10k in prizes

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ikan has announced their 2011 short film competition and I've been asked to be one of the judges! How cool is that? There are other judges of course (but they don't matter haha)… you can see them on the guidelines & bios page.

Oh, and let's not forget there are some amazing prizes! The first prize is $10,000 worth of products!

This year, the theme is “Where's the missing piece?” and of course, you need to include ikan somewhere in your entry (see the rules).

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from the 2011 short film competition guidelines page – which includes more details.

Ikan has become one of the premiere brands for video production equipment and our production support equipment is utilized on shoots all over the world. With the addition of new and redesigned products, we can offer even more comprehensive total solutions to the video professional. Items such as the Elements™ Stereoscope series, the VX LCD Monitor series and our LED lighting all give you every piece of the sometimes confusing ‘production puzzle.’

To celebrate ikan’s brand name that is synonymous with total solutions, this year’s theme is “Where is the Missing Piece?”

Create a short film that abides by the Judging Criteria stated below and you could win a prize package of more than $10,000, in addition to having your work viewed by some of the industry’s hottest rising stars!

All You Have To Do To Enter Is:
– Create your entry of no more than 3 ½ minutes, making sure to abide by the official rules and judging criteria
– Upload your video to www.vimeo.com/ikanseeit
– Send us your completed entry form by the stated deadline (you can send it in regardless of whether or not you have finished the actual film… so get it sent off to us early!)
– Kick back until the winners are announced

Intro movie

ikan Complete You from ikan on Vimeo.

The rules movie

Ok, these guys a wacky :)

You can find this movie and all the rules on ‘the rules page‘ of course!

2011 Film Competition – Rules Video from ikan on Vimeo.

So there you go – lots of prizes to win and you've got time to get it done – but don't delay the deadline will sneak up on you!

Blogger's Disclaimer: ikan is a planet5D sponsor, but we'll print all sorts of HDSLR related news – just let us know!

(cover photo credit: snap from the ikan site)

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  1. This all sounds great until you get to the part in the rules where the entrant agrees to assign all rights to the entry to Ikan.
    I get to do all the work on my own, submit it in hopes of winning some prizes and if it’s any good, even if it doesn’t win, Ikan can sell it to who ever they want for any price they can get and I can’t even legally show it on my website without their permission. I think I’ll pass

  2. hey Jeff,

    Just wanted to pop in and clarify for you… ikan hasn’t ever been restrictive with how people utilize the shorts after the contest. We’ve also never been interested in selling off the film and/or the properties contained within the film. We even have a few folks who have gone on to do other pieces using the characters created for the competition.

    That being said, as a matter of course, we do place restrictions in writing simply as a proactive, protective measure. We have plenty of past entrants who display the videos proudly wherever they so choose, with not so much as a peep from us. :-) In point of fact, it benefits us for you to show the films as much as possible!

    Of course, we want you to be comfortable and it’s always your choice about entering or not… but we’d hate for you to miss out on some great prizes due to a fear that might be a tad misplaced. If you have any additional questions, please shoot an email to either carlos@ikancorp.com or ryan@ikancorp.com. We’d love to continue to discuss any concerns you might still have.


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