common twitter hashtag for HDSLR at NAB = #NABhdslr

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If you're going to NAB and are posting about HDSLR, please use the #NABhdslr hashtag! We've contacted other bloggers and twitter friends and proposed using this tag for the benefit of everyone who is interested in HDSLR gear.

For those who can't go to NAB, NAB is an insanely big show and if you only look for the ‘official' #nabshow tag, you'll also be flooded with broadcast stuff you may not be interested in! Having a specific HDSLR hashtag (#NABhdslr) should make it easy for readers to find NAB HDSLR posts.

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There's a special site if you want to watch what others are saying with the same hashtag – this is the “room” for #NABhdslr

For readers, it will automatically update every 10 seconds. The nice thing about using that page for those at NAB posting is that it automatically appends the #NABhdslr tag so you don't have to remember it. And, it is iPhone/iPad friendly as well (I assume it is good on other phones as well).

Twitter search

There's no requirement to use – people can do the same thing on if they want, but it doesn't automatically append the #NABhdslr tag for posting – they have to remember to put it in themselves if they're adding to the conversation or asking questions.

Other Twitter Apps

You can of course use your favorite twitter tool that has a ‘search' function to watch the flow of information (the only downside is if you post, it won't automatically append the #NABhdslr tag). I'll also be using the iPhone app ‘echofon' or another app because they automatically show any images posted in tweets without having to click on a link.

benefits of a common tag

Having us all using a common HDSLR specific NAB hashtag would help unify the HDSLR movement by providing a common targeted source for targeted twitter news making it easier for everyone. I hope you embrace it and also pass it along to your readers so they can follow along with the excitement.

Of course, people not attending NAB can ask questions using the same hashtag #NABhdslr of those who are at the show and maybe they'll get an answer. With a targeted hashtag, they should be more likely to get an answer.

after NAB

After NAB, I'll continue to use #HDSLRchat as my main hashtag – hoping that conversation after NAB on twitter continues and that people share their own excitement with HDSLRs thru the common tag. (I've been using it for a while – ).

I found this common hashtag idea from the folks running #scriptchat – – they've been doing it for quite a while with great success – and they even have scheduled chats! Give their site a read if you want to know more about how it works.

(cover photo credit: snap from the nab site)

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