Win your very own CHAMELEON swedishchameleon

Win your very own Swedish CHAMELEON HDSLR rig

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We love to have ways for you to win gear – and you love it too… so here's one sponsored by the folks at Swedish CHAMELEON (who also sent us the announcement). You can win one of their SC2:Large shoulder rigs by submitting a short film for their

Redrock Micro

Win your very own CHAMELEON swedishchameleon

Win your very own CHAMELEON swedishchameleon

We know that there are plenty of incredibly talented filmmakers and photographers
who have thrown themselves into the HDSLR-video world and we would love to
see what you can do. In return you have the chance to get our most popular
shoulder-rig, SC2:Large.

Contest runs 3/13 thru 4/13 – so hurry!

So, pick your best DSLR video clip and upload it to us!

The clip that has the best idea, nicest grade, most inovative angles and best use of the HDLSR
possibilities is the winner. For second place you get a LCD Loupe from LCDVF.

Rules and stuff

You can find the rules and more info on the contest on the Swedish CHAMELEON site

SC2:Large swedishchameleon

SC2:Large swedishchameleon

(cover photo credit: snap from the swedish chameleon site)

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  1. Looks bulky and cumbersome but would love to ring it out and report back but still love the rig I created. However it would be nice to try an expencine rig to see if and how it works better.

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