using an iPad to wirelessly edit photos in Adobe’s LightRoom

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Sara Collaton pointed to this cool $10 iPad application called LRPAD for adjusting photos in Adobe's Lightroom wirelessly from an Apple iPad – darn amazing! Wish there was a version for Aperture!

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LRPAD connects to Lightroom 3 over Wi-Fi, and it enables you to adjust different develop settings using multitouch controls. You can even use multitouch to adjust e.g. white balance and color saturation at the same time! Slider changes are sent to Lightroom 3 in real-time, so you can instantly see the changes you have made.

LRPAD provides direct access to Lightroom’s different develop modules; the adjustments are grouped together with typical usage patterns. E.g. exposure, tone curve and vignette parameters are directly accessible from the same screen.


LRPAD requires an iPad, connected over Wi-Fi to computer running Lightroom 3. iPad software is available for $9.99 in App Store. Lightroom 3 plugin installation required. Windows and OS X plugin versions are free download

We don't have lightroom, so we can't try it out – anyone out there have it to give some input?

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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