We’ve talked a lot about timelapse and other interesting modes for creating movies and using burst mode is indeed unique. Kaouthia from the HDSLR chat room pointed us at this video made from shooting with the Canon EOS 7D (reviews) in burst mode – gathering 8fps. It gives a distinct old style feel to the video (of course, the author Ryan Hargrave applied some video grading to it as well).

Redrock Micro

If I Was The Sun from Ryan Hargrave on Vimeo.

There’s something about looking at a thing without all the gaps filled in that makes it awesome.

Filmed on a Canon 7D in burst mode and stitched back together

Music: Ryan Bingham – That’s how strong love is
(originally Otis Redding)

Also from the video comments on vimeo, there’s this description from Ryan about the process:

Ryan Hargrave
That’s pretty much it. :-)

I shot everything at JPEG-small resolution on burst mode so I would have a sizable buffer.

Then I used Quicktime 7 to open all the images as an image sequence at 12fps – Saved that out as ProRes 422 – 12fps at full resolution.

I took that file and brought it into a Final Cut 1920 x 1080 ProRes 422 23.98fps sequence and got the scale/crop that I wanted on each “scene”. I render that into a “working file”. Technically I could have applied all my effects to this sequence, but I am on an older Mac Book Pro and it chokes on the large native movie… so I rendered it out instead… plus I’m not worried about degradation here.

So now I have a 1920 x 1080 ProRes 23.98fps movie file(s). These are basically my working files that I import into FCP and apply all the effects to and cut up for the edits.

As to the effects it’s basically Colorista II to set the color and blow out the highlights. the Magic Bullet Misfire to apply the fading, scratches, vignette, etc..

Finally I added a mask from FCP and then feathered it a bit to make the crop look good, looped a projector sound effect and there you have it.

I think that is all of the process. Towards the end I realized that if I over exposed the still slightly in the camera it made post a bit easier becuase I didn’t have to fake it. All the upfront rendering of the stills and scaling down the full size files were a pain, but it was worth it.