“Undocumented Executive” – behind the scenes on an HDSLR movie shoot

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“Undocumented Executive” is a full length movie that was shot Canon EOS 5D Mark II that is in post production down in Atlanta. Carl Olson visited the set and did a BTS (and here's carl's post on it). Carl Olson (from Digital Film TV) and I co-produced this interview with Brian Kosisky (Director, Screeenwriter etc) and Michael “Bubba” Fulcher (Director of Photography) about their new film in this new co-podcast.

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A few weeks ago planetMitch of planet5D.com introduced me to Michael “Bubba” Fulcher, director of photography of the feature film Undocumented Executive that just recently wrapped up shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. The film is written and directed by Brian Kosisky and is filmed entirely with Canon 5D Mark II's.

Michael Fulcher was kind enough to invite me to visit them as they wrapped up shooting for the film. The day I visited them, they were filming in an office building on the north side of Atlanta. They allowed me to bring my Canon 5D Mark II to a film a few behind the scenes shots of the morning shoot. I was warmly greeted by the crew and actors. I met director Brian Kosisky who was obviously relishing the experience of filming this feature movie with Canon 5D's. I also met a few of the actors including Mark Oliver, Tony Guerrero, Melissa Ponzio, Doris Morgado, and Candace Mabry. Interestingly, Mark Oliver had a part in the movie We Are Marshall where Shane Hurlbut was the Director of Photography.

Digital Film TV Presents: Undocumented Executive BTS from Carl Olson on Vimeo.

Digital Film TV
Episode 4
Behind the Scenes with Undocumented Executive
A Feature Movie Film Exclusively with Canon 5D Mark II's.

A few weeks ago planetMitch introduced me to Michael “Bubba” Fulcher, the director of photography for a feature film shot in Atlanta. The film is called The Undocumented Executive – written and directed by Brian Kosisky.

Michael invited me to visit them on set toward the end of their shoot. I brought my own Canon 5 Mark II along to capture a few behind the scenes shots. Michael also took a few minutes to talk about his experience working on this film with director Brian Kosisky. It was a great opportunity to meet the crew and actors and I certainly appreciate them allowing me to tag along for a bit.

We'd like to thank Brian and Michael (and of course Carl for helping out!). We're trying to do new things – this was our first attempt to use the multi-person capabilities of Skype and it worked pretty well I think.

I just re-watched and somehow some extraneous audio snuck in around 7:30 – sorry about that! It is already published to iTunes and a real bear to fix so I'll just let it stick begging your forgiveness.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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