@stillmotion ‘discover’ short contest – view the first entries

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@stillmotion's patrick has posted the first group of entries in the ‘discover' short film contest – you can view them on the stillmotion page and vote for your favorite. There were so many entries, they're breaking them into 3 groups for voting this time. Discussion of the entries is happening over on the planet5D forums in this thread

Update: The pool b films have been released! Please have a look and vote

Redrock Micro

From patrick

what a long list of discover entries. a big thanks to kessler crane and planet5D for their support of our short film contest. it is amazing to see so many people embracing the challenge and such a diverse set of entries.

we have some tough competition here and some great prizes up for grabs. as there are so many entries we are going to break them up into three pools of 6 films. every two days a pool of six films will appear (we have 18 entries total). these pools will be active for 4 days each, and the top 2 films in each poll will go onto the final round.

at that point the voting will reset, and we will have one more week of voting as well as a top pick from the SM team and another from kessler.

POOL A | debuts march 7th. voting remains open until march 11th.

POOL B | debuts march 9th. voting remains open until march 13th

POOL C | debuts march 11th. voting remains open until march 15th. we now have 9 entries for pool C so the top 3 will move forward.

So skip over to view them on the stillmotion page and vote for your favorite NOW!

the planetMitch entry

Many of you may think that I'm an expert videographer. I'm not. My background is as a part time photographer. Until I was laid off in 2010, I was a computer programmer. Now, most of my time is spent running planet5D. And that takes up most of my busy day.

So I'm like many of you, moving from stills to motion and learning.

When patrick came to me about co-sponsoring this short film project, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to dive in and force myself into doing some real video work. So my family and I worked together on putting together this entry – and we are not in the running for the prize… we did it because of the challenge. It was a haphazard project with not enough planning (and it shows!).

This was edited in iMovie. A good basic tool that works great for my needs in terms of videos I've done for planet5D (interviews, show floor reports etc), but was a bit lacking for making this entry. I may actually have to upgrade to FCP or Premiere. I'll wait to see if Apple produces a new version of FCP at NAB.

We combined a lot of things we new nothing about (tho we do go geocaching now and again). We'd never had a fisheye and we'd never done any kind of timelapse. Altho I think this ‘worked', we've got a lot of learning to do.

Discovering Geocaching from planetMitch on Vimeo.

My family's entry into the @stillmotion “discovery” challenge.

It was a bit of a challenge for us – we're not filmmakers but we want to learn. This was a family project.

The weekend we were planning on working on this, I got a shipment from @LensProToGo with a Canon 15mm fisheye and a Canon 60D to try out. So we thought we'd incorporate that into our challenge. As well as making it into a bit of a timelapse.

Soundtrack is from a Mac game that I can't remember the name of but was by Digital Droo I believe.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II,
Canon EOS 60D,
Canon 15mm Fisheye
Canon 24-70

For more info on geocaching, see geocaching.com – it is a great project for you when you want to get out and explore or even taking your whole family. You can discover parks and places you didn't know existed all over the world or right next door! This day we went to a park just a few blocks from our house where there are 3 caches hidden. This was an adventure where we found 2 of the three (only one documented here in this movie).

That's my entry… and my background… what do you think?


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