SmallHD False Color HL in action

SmallHD DP6 On-Camera Monitors Adds New False Color, Movable 1 to 1 and Nikon Support Via Firmware Download

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The folks at SmallHD have added some nice new features (New False Color, Movable 1 to 1 and Nikon Support) to their SmallHD DP6 by simply updating the firmware.

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Demo video

DP6 v1.3 Firmware Video 02 from SmallHD on Vimeo.

Press release

The SmallHD DP6 is the first and only on-camera monitor solution to allow shooters to add new features to their monitors with a simple download.  

SmallHD once again delivers new functionality to its 5.6″ (1280×800) DP6 high definition, on-camera field monitors via a downloadable firmware update (V1.3). 

“Our goal is to deliver free customer driven enhancements every six to eight weeks to extend the value of our products after the sale,” says Dale Backus, Co-Owner and Lead Product Designer.  Backus continues, “Every customer suggestion gets logged and evaluated for future implementation.  Our goal is to deliver the most requested features as soon as possible.”

SmallHD DP6 Version 1.3 features include [V1.3 Video Overview]:

  • Hi-Lo False Color implementation – This version of false color presents a sharp, easy-to-focus grey scale image except when there is the potential for data loss due to over-or-overexposure, in which case those areas are painted one of four colors.  This can be particularly useful in “run and gun” situations when you could potentially be distracted by the many colors at play in typical false color implementations.  [False Color Chart, Hi-Lo False Color Example]
SmallHD False Color HL in action

SmallHD False Color HL in action

  • Purple: IRE < 0
  • Blue: IRE 0-2
  • Greyscale: IRE 3-97
  • Yellow: IRE 98-100
  • Red: IRE > 100
  • Movable 1 to 1 – For video sources at a greater resolution the native resolution of the DP6 (720p), the scroll wheel can now be used to pan within the image, improving the ability to achieve and maintain critical focus when the subject is not centered in the frame.
  • Independent Image and Menu Flip – For shooters using 35mm adapters or other devices that invert the recorded image.
  • Nikon Preset – SmallHD developed a custom preset that maximizes the viewable screen size when using a Nikon DSLR, such as the D7000. [Nikon Preset Video]
  • For more information about the DP6 product line see

    Additional educational videos are found at 

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    (cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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