RØDE University now on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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As time goes on, we find more and more great resources for learning online (isn't the internet amazing? was just telling my daughters how hard it used to be to find information in books HAHA) and today, we've found out about RØDE's new iPhone app connected to their RØDE University. And if you're looking for audio recording information, you just might find everything you need in their site!

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The press release

Tuesday 22nd March 2011, Sydney Australia – RØDE Microphones is extremely excited to announce the release of its RØDE University audio education course for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This free app includes all the video content from both the musical and broadcast syllabus from RØDE’s award winning website, rodeuniversity.com.

First launched in 2008, RØDE University guides viewers through the basics of recording audio via short, entertaining videos, followed by multiple choice questions to reinforce the key points of the lesson.

The instrument recording course covers various ways to record a typical band including vocals, drums, guitars and bass. Across the 28 video segments users will learn key audio fundamentals, as well as discover a range of ways to mic instruments and vocals, with the pros and cons of each technique explained and discussed. Filmed in the world renowned Studio 301 and featuring rock band “Hell City Glamours” this course will definitely rock your pocket!

Veteran sound designer and best-selling author Ric Viers takes the helm in the broadcast recording course, guiding viewers through a wide range of topics including location recording, ENG, voice-over and ADR, podcasting, DLSR on-camera miking, foley and sound effect recording.

After installing the app, users can browse the available courses and individual videos and download those that they are interested in to their Apple device. A one-touch trash function makes it easy to manage the videos stored on your iPhone and iPad.

Users also have the opportunity to share segments that they fi nd particularly insightful or entertaining via Facebook, Twitter or email.

“The iPhone and iPad are perfect platforms for RØDE University.” commented Damien Wilson, Global Marketing Director for RØDE Microphones “From the very beginning we designed RØDE Uni to fit in with the lifestyle of our users by ensuring all the content was to-the-point and entertaining. Now the added convenience of being able to watch anywhere at any time, even without a data connection makes it really easy and simple to get your audio knowledge up-to-speed while on the train, waiting for a bus, or between classes”.

The RØDE University app is available as a free download now through the App Store, or can be downloaded by visiting www.rodeuniversity.com/iphone
Visit RØDE University online at www.rodeuniversity.com

I downloaded the app and gave it a whirl and it is pretty nice. There's even a pop quiz at the end of each video to see if you were paying attention! There are two sections – one for music recording mics – you know, the music video stuff — and there's another section for broadcast shot with Ric Viers – author of “The Sound Effects Bible“.

There isn't an iPad version, tho you can run the iPhone version on the iPad and the videos look good. I tried it! It appears that you download the videos to your device so they will be taking more memory on your device. But they do provide “A one-touch trash function makes it easy to manage the videos stored on your iPhone and iPad” so you can remove them once you're finished learning.

There is some good info in these materials. Each video in the broadcast section is about 5 minutes long and there are 10 – so you'll be getting 50 minutes of quality training on audio basics. This isn't like a full audio training class, but there's enough good info to get you up and running shooting your next HDSLR movie.

There's also some detailed info on each microphone they sell – tho surprisingly, it hasn't been updated to include the new RØDE VideoMic Pro.

Blogger's Disclaimer: Rode has given me a Rode Podcaster mic for doing my live discussions and podcasts. They are not currently advertising with us (darn it all! HA).

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