planet5D considering a weekly live HDSLR video show… what day of the week?

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Hey gals and guys – we had a lot of fun on the last couple of live interviews and we've been discussing doing a regular series of weekly conversations and we're asking for your input on which day of the week we should try it…

I posted this on twitter yesterday and I'm surprised that weekend days are leading (tho barely) – I'm just kind of surprised that people don't have major plans on weekends… or maybe people shooting HDSLR are busier during the week in the evenings?

Don't be shy about giving me your thoughts in the comments either – I'd like to make this show interesting and picking the right time will help everyone remember when we're doing it (at least that is my thought)… people keep telling me they forget some of our live interviews – so I'm thinking a regular day will make it easier to remember?

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and please don't forget…

planet5D live with Gale Tattersall

Saturday March 26th at 10am PST (1pm EST and 17:00 GMT)

This conversation involves you – with UStream, you get to ask questions right along with me

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. For me, a Friday would be best, as I don’t have school the next day so I can stay up later (I live in the UK). If I don’t get round to watching it, then on the Saturday I will have time to watch it.

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