Friend of planet5D Travis Guerra just sent this in – from a friend of his Tony Carretti – a $2.50 idea for a follow focus – a unique solution found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. This is possibly a good DIY project – it takes all of going to a website to order (or driving to a store) – but it is an interesting idea! And there’s a bonus – you get different color choices as well! HA

Redrock Micro

Here’s the demo!

$2.50 Follow Focus Assist Solution!! Cheap Awesomeness!! from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.

The description from Tony

I’ve been trying to justify spending the money on a follow focus system, but considering that I would have to invest in the system itself, rails and what not, I’ve been trying to come up with a more affordable solution for the meantime…

Well, last night while in Bed, Bath & Beyond (shopping for a gift for my mom…) I happened across these little gems for …. (wait for it….) !! $2.50 !!​us/​products/​kitchen-tools-gadgets/​p–0999025.html

They are:

Washable ( you never know….)
Variety of colors
and did I mention cheap?

This fits all my lenses from my 20mm pancake to my Tamron 17-50 VC which is pretty darned thick!

The movement is silky smooth and the consistency of the rubber creates a very nice ease in/ease out for the focus pull itself.

Just thought I’d share….


BTW, shot this on my Canon HFS100. Really comes in handy for quick stuff like this!

So, what do you think? Does that spark any ideas in your head? Sound off in the comments!

(cover photo credit: snap from the store (no affiliations here))

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