NAB HDSLR Meetup – Monday evening at the Hard Rock

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For those of you going to NAB, planet5D and many many other HDSLR fanatics (and even just those who just kinda like HDSLRs) will be there – so why not get together and meet each other? As many of us have discovered (thanks to Philip Bloom for teaching us this), this HDSLR revolution is about more than just cameras, it is about building relationships with others and sharing what we know – you know, making friendships. So what better way to do that than to continue what Philip Bloom has started and have an HDSLR meetup?

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The event

The ALL-IN film charity poker meet-up is happening at the Hard Rock on Monday April 11th at 7 pm and we figured that since many of you will be going to that event – which is after the first long day of NAB – why not just meet at the Hard Rock for dinner and/or drinks? So let's meet there anywhere from 5:00pm (when NAB closes) to when the ALL-IN event starts (which should be around 7:30) – and if you decide you want to hang around after that, then have at it!

We've been working with the folks at the Hard Rock and tho they have several restaurants and bars, they'd really appreciate knowing an approximate number of people who are planning to show up – so we've set up a form in the event calendar. Please also indicate whether you think you'll be having dinner there or just drinks. Thanks


We know there will be many different events and parties at NAB and we're just adding to the insanity by offering you another choice for something to do and a place to network!

Hope you can make it!

(cover photo credit: snap from the Hard Rock site )

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    1. Author

      I know Monday is busy! But I figured there would be a large group going to the poker match so this seemed perfect.

      I’m open Wednesday evening – and maybe Sunday – tho I arrive kinda late to set something up Sunday eve.

      I will have another announcement coming about a meetup during the NAB event so we can meet then as well 🙂

      Any ideas for Wednesday?

  1. How about organizing some sort of an HDSLR gang to prowl the exhibit floor together on Wednesday? Might make the vendor dog-and-pony shows more fun and interesting.

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