“House” BTS – See how Vinny Minton shoots skating segment with Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Everyone knows “House” is using Canon HDSLRs by now – not only did they film the entire last episode of the 2010 season completely on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews), but they're also known to be using it for pieces of the show this year.

We were contacted by Vinny Minton – a pro inline skater who's now shooting some amazing skate vids with the 5D2 – and come to find out, he's been shooting not only for House, but he also did some major work on the “CSI Miami” episode on the roller derby. Unfortunately, we can't show you either of those scenes from the shows due to restrictions by the networks, but we do have this planet5D exclusive BTS story directly from Vinny for the “House” episode.

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Vinny Minton's story on how he got called to the “House” set

It all started from a simple skate video, I made in feb of 2010 called “The Pre-Bitter Cold” (shown below)

Pre BitterCold – By Vinny Minton from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

The next month I received an email from a guy named Greg Yaitanes, he sent a real brief email saying “the gang at [H]house loved the pre bitter cold rollerblade piece” “did you shoot that all on the glidecam and 5d?” At that time I had NO idea that [H]ouse was one of the number one TV show or that Greg Yaitanes was one of the top sought after directors who won an emmy for best director in 2009. I just simply replied back saying thank you and yes I shot it all on the 5d and slow-mo with the 7d. Then in June I received an email from Gale Tattersall the DP from [H]ouse basically saying they wanted me to come out for a day and help shoot a teaser for them.

Shortly after, I was contacted by Marcy Kaplan the producer, regarding the paper work and how/if they were going to even be able to bring me on board being that I’m not in the union. I ended up getting a pass and a few weeks later I was on set meeting the crew and being called “Mr. YouTube” although my video was hosted on Vimeo ahaha not YouTube. The following day I was on set shooting with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 16-35mm, Glidecam 2000hd and my Cinevate Core.

The scene – I was there to track a girl skateboarding around a skate park. The when she finishes her run she gives her brother (who is in a wheel chair) a stroll up and down the ramps, when she suddenly lets go of the wheelchair and she ends up collapsing.

For the most part I shot everything with the glidecam 2000hd and a 16-35mm and used the cinevate core for some low angles of just the skateboard and feet. The advantage of shooting this particular scene with the 5d mark II is that it’s pretty much impossible to do it with their Arri film cameras they were using. The lightweight and size of the 5d allows mounting and flying the camera pretty much anywhere, although I was told that a few crewmembers had doubt. They thought there was no way the footage was going to come out well, because I was skating fast up and down the ramps. They thought footage was going to have the jello effect, although when combined with the glidecam, it’s just an incredible combo and pretty much takes away that issue when done correctly…

One thing I was really curious about was how the 5d would cut with their Arri cam but once I saw the episode I was amazed on how seamless the cameras cut together.

I wish we could show you the final version of the edit, but because we're talking about “House” and there's no way they're gonna let us have that edit… but here's the BTS from Vinny:

Vinny Minton – Behind the scenes HOUSE from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

Our thanks to Vinny Minton for sending us this planet5D exclusive!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Vinny Minton doing big things for himself (his family) and for rolleblading!! Keep it up!

  2. Great Job Vinny! I dont know if you realized, but you have completely revolutionized the way rollerblading is being filmed now. Everyone is using a glidecam/DSLR combo on rollerblades. Even me for some of my wedding shots hahah! Congratulations on your success and thank you for teaching me everything i know!

    – Philip

  3. First of all… i love how this stuff is possible with the 5D!
    But i have a question… I cant see any rolling shutter in the video, and its the kind of thing where i would expect it… whats the trick? What am i doing wrong :)

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