Gale Tattersall – HOUSE DP live conversation on planet5D! March 26

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Most of you know Gale Tattersall (DP of the #1 rated FOX TV show “HOUSE”) by now, but maybe you haven't had a chance to really hear from him and get to know him – we have your chance coming Saturday March 26th at 10am PST (1pm EST and this is great for folks in Europe as well since it will be 17:00 GMT!). Many of you were in the Vincent Laforet creativeLIVE training this past Sunday when Gale was on for just 30 minutes or so and the chat room there was buzzing with excitement and everyone wanted the conversation to go on much longer. Well, you'll get that chance now – we're planning to have a long conversation with Gale and you're invited to join in.

Tune in to the discussion with HOUSE DP Gale Tattersall Saturday March 26th. And, here's an ICS calendar file, click the link and have a reminder on your calendar!

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planet5D live with Gale Tattersall

Saturday March 26th at 10am PST (1pm EST and 17:00 GMT)

This conversation involves you – with UStream, you get to ask questions right along with me

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Other recent interviews

Besides being on the creativeLIVE Vincent Laforet show this past Sunday, Gale has been making the rounds it seems… here are two shows Gale has also done recently:

Digital Film TV

Our friend Carl Olson has done an interview with Gale – give it a watch!

Gale Tattersall is passionate about sharing what he has learned and feels strongly in the “democratization” of filmmaking that the HDSLR revolution has brought about with cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II. In this episode, Gale and I talk again about his work on the television show House MD, how the Canon 5D Mark II has changed his approach to filmmaking, and then we talk in depth about his new HDSLR workshop.

DPE interviews Gale Tattersall and Vincent Laforet

From Juan Pons and Rick Sammon from the Digital Photo Experience (note their interview is due March 15):

The Digital Photo Experience Podcast features exclusive, one-on-one interviews with Gale Tattersall, the director of photography on House, M.D. and Vincent Laforet (a leader in the world of HDDSLR shooting) on their next podcastscheduled to be released on March 15th. In addition to featuring these two great film makers who have embraced the HDDSLR revolution, the DPE Podcast hosts, Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, will talk about the accessories that they consider essential for shooting video effectively with digital SLRs. Rick and Juan recently finished shooting their upcoming instructional DVD on shooting video with the Canon 5D MarkII and 7D. The DVD, scheduled to be released this summer, is being published by Wiley publishing.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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