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There have been major rumors of a new version of Final Cut Pro (FCP) coming possibly in the near future, maybe around NAB time, who knows. We've thought about covering those rumors, but I think the other sites (those you can see on the HDSLR news page) have covered the rumors pretty well. However, we've been familiar with Izzy Video for a while and they do some really good training materials and Izzy announced the other day he's decided to release his FCP 6.0 training to everyone for free!

The real question tho about FCP is whether the new version (assuming it comes soon) will still require you to transcode HDSLR video before you can edit natively like you can with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

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Description from Izzy

In the videos, I'm using Final Cut Pro version 6, but nearly everything I demonstrate would also apply to Final Cut Pro 7 (the current version).

Every day, new people around the world purchase Final Cut Pro, install it, and get frustrated by the interface because it's hard to just sit down and figure it out on their own. It requires a little training, and I hope my free course will help.

Will I make a new course if there's a new Final Cut Pro released? Maybe. I'm not sure yet. In the meantime, please enjoy and help me spread the word about this current course.

So, now you've got no excuse! FCP 6.0 training from Izzy Video is free!

blogger's disclaimer: Tho I am an affiliate with izzy, the above links are to free materials… if you want to join izzy, please use this link and we'll get a little bit of affiliate income: Intro to Video – from Izzy Video

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