48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition poster

Enter the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition May 13-15 and win $5k

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We love letting you know about upcoming challenges and we got this the other day – the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition happening in May (see details below). All you've got to do is create a movie in less than 48 hours and maybe win $5000!

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48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition

Want $5000 for your short film? If the answer is yes, then prepare yourself for the the challenge of a lifetime. The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition is an extreme 2-day endurance event in which student, amateur, first- time filmmakers and industry pros face off to see who can write, shoot, edit and deliver the best short film in under 48 hours. Teams are permitted little or no sleep for the duration of the event and must face random challenges to test their mettle. Each film is painstakingly reviewed by a panel of industry experts with the best among them going on to win cash and prizes. The top filmmaking team will walk away with a $5000 grand prize. “Think of this as the NAVY SEAL ‘hell week’ of filmmaking’ says Co-founder and Creative Director Clint Weldon. “And when the smoke settles, someone is walking away with some serious cash.” The best part is, EVERY film will be shown live on the big screen at the annual Guerrilla Film Festival, held shortly after the competition.

Awards such as “Best Acting,” “Best Editing” and “Best Story” encourage teams to compete based on their strengths. “This is the academy awards of modern online filmmaking. We want to reward people based on talent, and everyone has different strengths – so we created awards that reward that.” said Nick Burch, Co-Founder and Artistic Director. After the films are shot, teams will be challenged to achieve a minimum number of ‘views’ on youtube, testing their viral marketing skills. Those who meet the challenge move on to final judging. “It’s all done online – from initial sign up to final submissions. This is a contest that reflects the way filmmakers work and get discovered today.”

The festival has tripled in size since its founding in 2005. Now boasting an annual participation of nearly a thousand participants from around the country, it’s already begun to get the attention of industry bigwigs. Kathy Laughlin, of Independent Casting, Comedian Tim Wilkins, Award Winning Director Ken Sons and Dick Smothers of Smothers Brothers fame are counted among the contest’s past celebrity judges. Additionally the 48GFC has earned the support of the State College of Florida’s Film Production program. “We’re looking for originality, resourcefulness and heart.” says Weldon “Guerrilla filmmaking is about improvising, adapting to and overcoming obstacles. Just get it done and have fun – that’s our challenge.”

Anyone can enter, regardless of location by signing up at www.48gfc.com. For more information, contact Clint Weldon at [email protected].

48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition poster

48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition poster

(cover photo credit: snap from last year's awards)

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