Displacing time in video with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Berkan İs sent us some info about this ‘Time Displacement' video he shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). Note, this was also covered on cinema5d, but Berkan sent us some additional information about his process. We're trying not to cover subjects that you've probably already seen in the HDSLR news page, but since we had some additional contact we needed to share.

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Time Displacement

Time Displacement from Berkanism on Vimeo.

Additional info from Berken

I want to inform you about my work Time Displacement.

In my work i want to show the deformation which is created by lengthening and curving of image and sound. I aimed to compose a abrasive atmosphere. Moreover I supported my work with info-graphical information.

It can be called an experiential working. I shot in my own home and used Canon 5D Mark 2 ve 17 – 40 f4 zoom. Picture style was set as high contrast monochrome. Due to not having a tripod, I put the camera on the boxes which I organized on a table.

The study had a rate of 24 frames per second. Twixtor is extended footage to 85% with.

I changed the frame rate then in After Effects with Enable Time Remapping.

I prepared the colour arrangement on After Effects. Time Displacement effect is also arranged by using Time Placement Effect in After Effects. After that I slowed the frame speed as much as possible to abate the pixelation.

I accessed the sound by slowing the frame speed of guitar on the timeline.

so, what do you think? Cool? Silly?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. I liked it a lot when I first saw it; still do. Liked it so much I researched this ‘slit scanning’ kind of technique and copied it. :-) Here is my take on it:


    Berkanism’s effort is better I think, I certainly like his bad-tv-artifacts more, it has more atmosphere too I think.

    But, to answer your question, not silly and very cool I think. Not sure where I would use it however. :-)

    Seattle, WA

  2. Greg and Berken,
    I concur, cool… very freaking cool. Here’s the applications I see. In the obvious – horror/suspense. A ghost with ghostly properties. I would also apply that to dancers in a music video. I could envision a lot of warping and re-purposing of the same person to make a dueling dancing feel but with the same human.

    Do you think you could chroma that activity so that you can place the actor in any setting you’d want?

    1. “Do you think you could chroma that activity so that you can place the actor in any setting you’d want?”

      With a well lit green screen it should be fine I would guess, haven’t tried it yet though. If you look at the background of both clips you will see how well it ‘sticks together.’ It would seem to me then that you could either roto it by “difference matte” even. Just make sure to capture some of the scene clean (no talent and nothing moving). Might give it a try tonight since I have my footage where I am not in the frame.

      I wonder how much of a problem the shadows will be though? Hmmm…..

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