Carl Olson launches new Digital Film TV podcast with video and a new name

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We've been chatting with Carl Olson for a while now, and I was his first guest on his “Digital Convergencepodcast last year and now, I'll be an irregular regular guest on his latest show, “Digital Film TV” (currently on his old site but soon to move). Here's the first episode that includes me as a guest. Looking forward to doing much more with Carl.

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The Digital Film TV podcast

Digital Film TV
Episode 2
Featuring: planetMitch (aka Mitch Aunger), HDSLR Evangelist and Curator of

Last year Mitch was kind enough to appear in the very first episode of my old Digital Convergence podcast. In my new video web series, Mitch returns to the mic and Skype to chat about blogging and podcasting in general and to talk about HDSLR news and happenings. Mitch has a top-notch podcast featuring some of the movers and shakers of the HDSLR filmmaking world. A unique feature of his podcast is that he combines live UStream feed and Q&A from a live chat. It's a great way for the audience to ask questions directly to Mitch's guests. Mitch usually records these episodes so if you miss the live event, you can download and listen to them later.

Mitch's website is the leading HDSLR blog, forum, and news aggregator in the industry.

Since I'm recording these early episodes via Skype, I appreciate your putting up with the poor audio quality and sync issues. I'll work to improve this over time (and that's a never-ending quest!).

planetMitch will be back on Digital Film TV from time to time to talk about the latest HDSLR news.

Find planetMitch at

For information about Digital Film TV, visit: (currently a work in progress! coming soon!)

Follow me on Twitter @dfilmtv:​#!/​dfilmtv

we'll keep you up to date with latest episodes now and then, but please make sure you add Carl's Digital Film TV to your iTunes watch list!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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