Canon vs Nikon – An HDSLR / Apple Parody

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Here's a fun little Canon vs Nikon Apple Parody – done by the staff at BYU for the 50th anniversary symposium of the University Photographer’s Association of America – sent in by Jaren Wilkey who is the Manager BYU Photo. Of course, the shoot was done on Canon HDSLRs

Redrock Micro

Canon vs Nikon – Video

From Jaren Wilkey

BYU is hosting the 50th anniversary symposium of the University Photographer’s Association of America and we wanted to come up with a creative way to publicize the event. I loved the Mac vs PC ads that aired for several years and always thought that they would work well with Canon and Nikon. There has always been a friendly rivalry between Canon and Nikon users and all to have to do is walk into a press room and you can hear every one of them. I spent a few months coming up with funny ideas and eventually wrote all the commercials last spring. We post a new video each month just to try and remind our members about the symposium, and we also ask them to share the videos with other University Photographers who might be interested in our Association.

The videos were shot last summer with a 5dMK II and two 1DMK IV s in a marathon 4 hour session. There are over 15 videos in all, and as we get closer to June we will be releasing one every week or two as a buildup to our symposium. Of Course we are Canon users and cut it together in Final Cut Pro. Audio was composed by Alison Fidel, one of our student employees, in Garage Band.

The actors are both former student employees of ours and obviously a bit lacking in their acting skills, but we had a blast making the pieces. We plan on releasing a BTS video in june showing our setup how we did it.

Read the UPAA Blog for more info and their youtube channel

Some stills from the shoot (see more here):

Canon vs Nikon Spoof - a baby!

Canon vs Nikon Spoof - a baby!
Photography by Mark A. Philbrick

Canon vs Nikon Spoof

Canon vs Nikon Spoof
Photography by Mark A. Philbrick

Our thanks to Jaren Wilkey – Manager BYU Photo for sending this fun project in to planet5D!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. I enjoyed the Canon V.S. Nikon Apple commercial parody… it was a lot of fun! …and when I watched several of their episodes over on Youtube, I also ran across this gem of a video on the same general theme (Canon V.S. Nikon, though not a parody on Apple). It was pretty good too, so I decided to post a link here, in case anyone else may want to have a look, purely for the sake of entertainment – unfortunately, they didn’t say what kind of a camera they shot the video with, but it was really cooooool! Here it is…..

    Canon v.s. Nikon – Romeo & Juliet video rap (music video)

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