Canon HDSLR body rumor summary – Canon EOS 5D Mark III and others including Nikon

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People keep asking about what we know about new Canon HD-DSLRs (also known as HDSLRs and by many “DSLR video cameras”) like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III that might be coming down the line… well, at this point, planet5D doesn't know much – we're not in the NDA list so we're not getting any inside info… but we know many of you are interested so we thought we'd round up some of the recent rumors.

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From Northlight Images:

12th From Australia we hear of comments (thanks) from a Canon source suggesting that:
The 5D3 will be at least 6 months after the 1Ds4.
The EF-S range of lenses is not a major area for expansion.
‘L' series lenses are needed to get the best out of the current 18MP crop cameras.
Canon prices in Australia will be falling in April in response to the grey import market
We're also hearing of announcements in April, but as yet, no details.

Note: planet5D continues to hear rumblings of April announcement for a body too (but don't know which one). Will it be at NAB? As someone recently pointed out, traditionally Canon has announced video cameras at NAB because NAB is primarily video, so maybe HDSLR bodies aren't in their plans?

Northlight-images Canon history chart

Keith from Northlight-images created this chart (and graciously let us repeat it here) and I think it is very telling about Canon product release cycles!

Northlight-images Canon history chart

Northlight-images Canon history chart

The 1Ds Mk III has been out for 15 quarters already – 3 more quarters than the last 12 quarter cycle (3 years) for the 1Ds Mk II! That seems like the most likely candidate for the next release eh?


dated march 10

NAB April 11 – April 14 in Las Vegas
Lots of questions as to whether or not Canon will announce anything for the NAB show in Las Vegas.

The show is predominantly a video and broadcast show. I do not expect anything DSLR related to be announced for the show. If something is going to come, April 5, 2011 would be the date. I haven’t heard a peep about an announcement yet.

I am told there WILL be a DSLR announcement in April/May 2011, as well as a lens or two.

Also from March 6

5D Mark III External Recorder?
A tipster said the prototype 5D Mark III or similar body is being tested with an external recorder capable of recording RAW video. He was unsure whether or not it was a Canon accessory or a 3rd party product.

1Ds Mark IV
I’ve received a couple of tips from underwater housing stores about the 1Ds Mark IV. It’s claimed it will be the same housing as the 1Ds Mark III.

Underwater housings have never been a good barometer for upcoming products, so I don’t even link the stores anymore. Everything I’ve been told about the 1Ds Mark IV states it will be an ergonomic change from the 1Ds3.

April Announcements?
Lots of tips saying April is the month for the next announcement. Nikon is looking to be on the same schedule. I will be very wary of April Fools Day.

planet5D guess

Our guess – and this is pure guess at this point – is that Canon is working hard on doing the 5D3 right and isn't in any hurry to rush it to market. We're in the mode of thinking the earliest we'll see the 5D3 is fall 2011.

canonrumors posted a note a couple of days ago about a rumor of Canon buying out a medium format company… and there have been other rumors that the 5D3 would have 30-35mp sensor – so maybe they're targeting the next pro level body at being a higher level pro camera?

And this backup info from Northlight-images as well:

“The 5D2 is still selling too well” was the only comment I got from a European source when I mentioned that a lot of people were waiting for it's replacement. None of our usual sources have said anything about the 5D3 as anything but ‘later this year'. Favourite is a 1Ds3 replacement for ‘Q2' or even March.


While we're at it – we should give some attention to Nikon right? After all, they're producing HDSLRs too :)

There have been strong rumors of one or two cameras to be released in April – also probably around NAB.


Nikon press event on April 4th?

“I received an unconfirmed report that Nikon will have a press event on April 4th, 2011.

Nikon D5100 and/or the new mirrorless camera system are expected. I will know more next week.

I received this tip yesterday before the earthquake and I am not sure if the date will be changed.”

Sadly, the other reports on Nikonrumors indicate the Nikon plant in Sendai Japan are “virtually impossible to resume operations in 14 days”. That is very unfortunate.

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon of a camera blurred)

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  1. One concern is that the Canon factories in Japan are not directly affected by the earthquake but their parts suppliers are. At least one of the two Canon factories in Japan shut down for at least 3 days because of this.

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  3. Even if you were on the ‘NDA list’ you shouldn’t be telling anyone what you know otherwise they’d be no point in signing one.

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