Canon and Apple working together on a secret project?

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This story of Canon and Apple possibly collaborating on a secret project is getting some big hitter coverage – first reported by and it is now spreading like wildfire and has made it to gizmodo. Our take is that anything is possible, but the info is too sketchy to dig much facts out of… but yet, it is a very popular story. reported

Collaboration with Apple?
I’ve received a few pieces of information about an upcoming collaboration between Apple and Canon. What that collaboration is hasn’t been spelled out to me. It could be with the upcoming Final Cut Pro 8, or maybe something more.

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Gizmodo says

small excerpt from the story

“Website CanonRumors has heard that Canon and Apple could be collaborating in the field of photography, perhaps with Aperture of the next Final Cut Pro. According to TechCrunch's sources who were privy to an early showing of the next Final Cut Pro, it will be the “biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago.” What could Canon's products have to do with it?”

Appleinsider says

a small excerpt from their long story with lots of theories

Another potential collaboration with Canon may involve Final Cut, slated for a “dramatic and ambitious” update this spring. Like Aperture, Final Cut hasn't seen a major new reference release since 2009. When Apple releases its next Final Cut package, it's likely to do so in partnership with one or more hardware makers.

Apple reportedly ran into problems in shipping a Final Cut Studio update last year, with the Shake and Motion teams unable to achieve consensus on plans to merge the entire package into a unified user interface that focused on the mainstream market rather than developing a targeted, leading edge niche product.

Apple could also target consumer devices with iMovie features such as the company's iFrame video format, which imports high quality video from cameras quickly without requiring conversion. Canon recently added support for iMovie 8's iFrame video capture on some PowerShot and IXUS branded point and shoot cameras.

AirPlay and AirPrint

Canon could also announce support for iOS 4.3 AirPlay (as Pioneer recently did for its new audio receivers) or AirPrint features (currently limited largely to printers from HP and EFI's Fiery print server).

isn't it interesting how a simple rumor of a collaboration can become all these ‘potential' ideas? I'd love to see some of these things happen, but I'm sure not going out on a limb with these kinds of predictions but I'm happy to be an ambulance chaser and let you know what others are predicting LOL.

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