The Dental Enforcer – A Canon EOS 5D Mark II fun short

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Friend of planet5D Tracey Lee sent us this project, “The Dental Enforcer” – shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) and it only took 18 months from start to finish :)

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Dentrix | Appointment Reminders — The Dental Enforcer

Description from Tracey Lee

This is an ad campaign that our marketing team rolled out for a major corporation. The idea has been about 18 months in the making. We have all had a lot of fun coming up with the concept, story boarding, getting involved with the script, and working with some great local talent to accomplish a great ad to help launch our campaign. If you have any friends or family who work in a dental office, forward this on…there are a lot of inside jabs they would appreciate.

The Dental Enforcer is a strong-arm thug that gets hired by dental offices to “encourage” patients to get to their appointments on time, pay their bills, and accept treatments. The first in this series has to do with making sure the patients don't forget about their appointment.

The Dental Enforcer was shot for a dental practice software company called Dentrix; a subsidiary of Henry Schein (a fortune 500 company located in New York). Will Rubio and his crew shot and edited this commercial. The Dentrix marketing team located in American Fork, Utah (along with Will Rubio as writer) was the brains behind it. Shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews).

So, what do you think? Pretty funny?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Funny and well executed, but too long.

    I want to know, “Were’s the “patient enforcer” for all those dental clinics that over-book and leave patients in the waiting room with crummy magazines or sitting in a chair with that light shinning in their faces? – Can you tell I recently went to the dentist?

  2. what kind of marketing company you work at? This is not very good. I don’t see the 18 months of development here. Maybe its just me.

    1. Author


      This is on the borderline of not being published but I went ahead and allowed it… what we’re looking for at planet5D is constructive criticism… you’re not providing anything constructive… why is it bad? what could be improved? How would you do it better?

      Sorry to sound harsh, but we’re trying to run a blog that is constructive without just bashing…

  3. well its too long for one, takes too long to get to the point. Like the movie is in good quality but the concept isn’t that good. I am not saying I have a better concept right now but if I were watching this on tv I would switch channel. Its just not catchy, its not funny or in anyway memorable.

  4. Also the video does not show me how the product would work. So at the end how does this app work to help the docs and remind people to go to their appointments? Does a random guy shows up on the screen or my ipad and make fun of me if I forget or would the app send me a email or give me a call?

    1. The fact that you mention above “So at the end how does this app work to help the docs and remind people to go to their appointments?” shows to me that you understood the message of this ad. That’s exactly the issue with the dental offices that we were trying to push with this…getting them to their appointments.

      I totally agree with the length of the ad though. We, the creative team shooting this thing, were up against several “executive” decisions :)

      In the end we were happy with it and enjoyed the process regardless.

  5. cgboy,

    Interesting you ask all those questions about needing more information about the product. Once the corporate heads got a hold of what we were doing, those were exactly the questions they asked that forced us to put in a lot more material and we went from a 1.5 minute spot to almost 5 minutes.

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