Rycote’s portable Recorder Audio Kit for ZOOM H4N Handy Recorders

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This is new – Rycote has announced a portable Recorder Audio Kit for ZOOM H4N Handy Recorders – something that most mics that mount to the hot shoe already have, a shock mount and more.

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Portable Recorder Suspensions on the Panasonic G2

Portable Recorder Suspensions on the Panasonic G2

Rycote PR

A combined Windshield and Suspension solution, the kit contains everything needed to protect a handheld digital recorder from outdoor wind noise, and also to isolate it from unwanted vibrations, whether from handling or stand-borne noise. It is aimed at journalists, film-makers, or anyone using a handheld digital recorder to make professional-quality audio recordings outdoors. It can be used location soundtracks or outside broadcast, or for simple audio podcasts or outdoor radio reporting.
Featuring the new 1/4″ to 3/8″ Swivel Adaptor, the suspension fits any portable recorder with a 1/4″ female thread. The suspension can then be mounted on a 3/8″ male thread, mic stand or boom pole, or be attached to a camera hot shoe. The 180° swivel allows for easy orientation of the recorder so it can point in the exact direction of the speaker.

Now available for ZOOM H4N Handy Recorders, Rycote's portable Recorder Audio Kit includes:
– 1x Portable Recorder Suspension
– 1x Zoom H4N Mini Windjammer
– 1x Soft-Grip Extension Handle
We also do a range of mini wind jammers for most portable recorders, so the audio recorder kit can be adapted to fit recorders with a 1/4″ thread and which we produce a mini wind jammer for!
Here is a link to the mini wind jammers

It is worth having a look at the rest of our website as we have some neat solutions to capture quality audio for HDSLR film making. An area as you are aware is frequently overlooked!

Rycote Portable Recorder Suspensions

Rycote Portable Recorder Suspensions

There are also more images on their facebook page

(cover photo credit: snap from the Rycote portable Recorder Audio Kit page)

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